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Are you still using the 360 model? If you are, then this could be killing your business growth… RIP 360


As much as I love our amazing recruitment sector, I believe that the majority of recruitment businesses are stuck in a time warp that runs ten years behind the rest of the commercial world.

Companies still working the 360 model are a prime example of this. I would go as far as to say if you’re still using this model, then not only are you setting your people up to fail before they’ve even started, but you are creating a business that becomes almost impossible to grow…

Let me explain…

Like most business owners, I have been in recruitment for a long time – (showing my age), 19 years to be exact. When I started in recruitment, it was simple. All you needed was a phone, fax, yellow pages and a roller-dex. You got given a candidate to market or called a company, won a job, took a brief, matched your candidates and made a placement….

These days we have the internet, social media, job boards, LinkedIn, Facebook and a whole host of different technology tools to supposedly make the job easier… We expect them to deal with all of this AND be excellent at business development, account management, servicing, delivering, resourcing, blogging, admin…

The truth is, it’s physically impossible to be excellent at all of this because these tasks require different skills and talents.

Working the 360 model is like having a football team where you expect your striker to play up front, scoring the goals, while at the same time, defending the midfield and goal. Imagine how exhausting that would be if you were that striker having to work all three roles and areas of the pitch. Plus, what a waste of expertise using your striker in goal….

This is exactly what we are doing when we ask our people to work a 360 role….

The problem with this is that if you don’t shift from 360, you’ll:

  • Leave yourself totally open to risk- when a 360 recruiter leaves and takes all of your knowledge, data and £££££.
  • Have people working in the wrong roles leading to chronic underperformance.
  • Have staff that burnout or have poor staff retention.
  • Make hiring really hard, because it’s almost impossible to hire people who can do the 360 role that is required.

Verses moving to a new model where your team:

  • Work together, to their strengths and work in flow.
  • Are more productive because they are working to their strengths.
  • Have better staff retention because they enjoy their jobs more.
  • Work together using a team-based model. If one person is off sick or leaves, you have others to pick up where the other left off.
  • Become experts in their niche because they can master their specialism.
  • Are way easier to hire because you are hiring 2 or 3 different people with entirely different traits – marry them together and they will complement each other. What one person hates, the other loves and visa versa.

How to Move Away from 360

We use a totally different model ‘The Ultimate Model’ where we took the traditional 360 model and split it into three areas.

  1. Business Development
  2. Delivery
  3. Resourcing

Dependent on how you want to deliver your service, there are two models that you can use – the 120 model and the 240 model. Admin and marketing sit outside of this structure.

The 120 Model:

Uses a person or a team that purely specialises in BD; a person or a team who specialises in delivery; and a person or a team who purely specialise in research. When all of them work together and interlink they then deliver the full service.

The 240 model:

Works in 2 ways:

  1. Either you have a person or a team who do the BD; they then pass it over to one person or a team who do joint delivery or research.
  2. The second 240 way – you have one person doing joint BD and Delivery who works with a team or person that do resourcing.

Changing to a different model is not as simple as it might sound, and it’s important that you take your team on the journey before making any changes.

The bottom line is, if you want a top performing business, you need to break your 360 model up into three separate functions. It means your team will work in flow and work to their strengths, giving you higher performance all around. When you change your model, you’ll increase your results, your productivity, your time and most importantly your fun.

Can We Help?

At Centredexcellence our goal is to help you get your team performing to a really high level and scale past seven figures and beyond. If that is your goal you will have to tweak certain things, the way you set up your team and sales process being one. There are a few other things too that we can help you with.

If you want to know more about how we can help, first read our success stories here and then send an email with the Help with Ultimate Model and let’s take it from there.

Keep Rocking!

Nicky and Katy

P.S. If you have read this post on scaling your team we suspect scaling is at the top of your agenda. The question is, are you ready? You can find out by downloading our checklist here-> Download our free business checkup.


For further information on this topic please see “Why Your 360 Recruitment Model Won't Work In 2019“.


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