A-Z of Recruiting Success

A-Z of Recruiting Success

What I love about Recruiters and Recruitment leaders is their desire to learn. I do not mean training, but learning.

You know, the process of being a little bit better tomorrow than you were today. The way that after a bad candidate experience you think about how you can prevent that happening again in the future.

If you are reading this, you are likely to be a reader of one of the most popular recruiting blogs around – and that means, you are included in that group of Recruiters that love to learn.

I have recently finished the series of the Recruiting Gym's A-Z of recruiting success, where over eight weeks we had 25 industry influencers share their one tip for success in 2019 in a 60-120 second video.

We had some fantastic contributors, Roy Ripper spoke about a winning attitude, Nicky Coffin about Mojo, Boomerang's Paul Dewick spoke about Targets….. There were too many to comment on here (although a full list is below).

However, over the years I have observed a difference in how different types of recruiters are able to learn. Funnily enough, it correlates with Recruiters that are successful and those that never quite fulfil their potential. I have no research to back this up, but I have trained over 4000 recruiters!

In most instances, these two individuals will have been on the same courses, read similar blogs and had comparable coaching from their managers.

The difference between the two is not the number of ideas they have received; it is their ability to turn those ideas into action day in, day out.

Matt Charney wrote a few years ago about recruiters “learning agility”, I agree with Matt who calls the term “HRish”. However, there is no disputing that to stay ahead in today's recruiting world you need to be one step in front of your competitors and the ever-improving internal recruiting teams.

However, instead of just telling you what the problem is I am going to help you become a better learner.

The I.C.E learning methodology is something I created a few years ago. It is a simple pneumonic that you can use day in, day out to help you turn ideas into action.

It works like this

I = Ideas to Consider
C = Conversation for Context
E = Exercise to Embed

The ‘Ideas to Consider' are just that; they are the key points from the blog or the video you have watched.

The ‘Conversation for Context' – encourages you to take the ideas, then question and discuss them with a colleague or manager. The conversation takes something that is abstract and applies it to your situation.

The ‘Exercise to Embed' is focused on trying to implement or practice one thing that you feel is most applicable to a problem you are trying to solve. I know you probably hate role-plays, but they are used by trainers and educators the world over for one reason. THEY WORK!

The best thing about learning this technique is that you now have the ability to train anyone in your team without having to create content because the IDEA can come from anywhere, a blog, a video or a conversation you overheard. But most importantly it is the conversation and exercise that improves your chances of turning an idea into learning.

To see this in action all you need to do is click any of the A-Z of Recruiting Success links below. While the A-Z series was well received with the videos viewed 60,000 times, it was the fact that every video was accompanied by an ICE learning exercise that consultants or managers could use, to take the idea and turn it into action.

So what are you going to do to improve your approach to learning?

Watch more videos or read more blogs…..or maybe spend more time talking about the ideas you do get and implementing the best ones.

If you struggle for conversation, then please join us in the Recruiting Gym, we are a social learning network where we help recruiters take ideas or challenges, talk through potential solutions and ultimately transform recruiter performance.

Recruiting Gym's A-Z Recruiting Success Index

In summary, in this first series of the A-Z of Recruiting Success we had:

A = AudienceClair Bush talking about Audience and understanding your audience to improve the effectiveness of your marketing. (VIEW CLAIR’S VIDEO & BLOG)

B = Business ModelsNeil Carberry from the REC talking about business models and adapting them to meet client needs. (VIEW NEIL’S VIDEO & BLOG)

C = CandidateAngela Cripps recruitment trainer talking about the importance of candidate relationships in building a successful recruitment business. (VIEW ANGELA’S VIDEO & BLOG)

D = DistributionHung Lee of Recruiting Brainfood talking about your distribution channels for where you attract your candidates and clients. (VIEW HUNG’s VIDEO & BLOG)

E = ExperiencesGordon Stoddart from the Recruitment Network talking about candidate experiences and client experiences to improve customer loyalty (VIEW GORDON’S VIDEO & BLOG)

F = FitKatrina Hutchinson-O’Neil of Yardstick Associates talking about a recruiters role in helping organisations improve the culture fit of placements (VIEW KATRINA’S VIDEO & BLOG)

G = GrowthSachin Ruparelia of Camino Partners talking about back-office and the role that plays in supporting your growth. (VIEW SACHIN’S VIDEO & BLOG)

H = HeroTracey Barrett of BlueSky PR talking about hero content and how it can generate inbound leads. (VIEW TRACEY’S VIDEO & BLOG)

I = InclusionJane Hatton from Evenbreak talking about inclusion, and how using broader search criteria can help recruiters find hidden talent. (VIEW JANE’S VIDEO & BLOG)

J = JudgementKatrina Collier author of the Robotproof Recruiter talking about how both clients and recruiters are using their judgement to assess potential relationships every day. (VIEW KATRINA’S VIDEO & BLOG)

K = KPI’sChris Hart of the Recruiter Index talking about KPI’s and how they can be used to motivate teams vs to demotivate (VIEW CHRIS’S VIDEO & BLOG)

L = LeadsKristie Perrotte from Thrive Marketing Communications talking about leads, and how to generate them through your website (VIEW KRISTIE’S VIDEO & BLOG)

M = MojoNicky Coffin of Centered Excellence: sharing a fantastic exercise to help recruiters get their Mojo back. (VIEW NICKY’S VIDEO & BLOG)

N = NetworkJackie Torr from TEAM: sharing why she feels who you know is still critically important to your success. (VIEW JACKIE’S VIDEO & BLOG)

O = Old SchoolLouise Triance from UK Recruiter: Goes old school and encourages Recruiters to get back to building the phone and build real relationships. (VIEW LOUISE’S VIDEO & BLOG)

P = PartnersCameron Mclennan of Firefish Software talking about creating partnerships with your clients to grow client loyalty and sales. (VIEW CAMERON’S VIDEO & BLOG)

Q = QuantitativeAshley Rice, the leadership development coach, talking about the importance of qualitative and quantitative data, in managing your business. (VIEW ASHLEY’S VIDEO & BLOG)

R = ResilienceHishem Azzouz from HOXO Media talking about resilience in recruitment, this is certainly a topic that needs more focus from Recruitment leaders. (VIEW THEIR VIDEO & BLOG)

S = SocialStephen O’Donnell talking about social and the human aspect of being social as a recruiter. (VIEW STEPHEN’S VIDEO & BLOG)

T = TargetsPaul Dewick from Boomerang Funding™ talking about targets and how to motivate people by using them effectively. (VIEW PAUL’S VIDEO & BLOG)

U = Upfront PaymentAli Whitehead recruitment trainer: Recruiters working to get an upfront payment from clients before they start their search. (VIEW ALI’S VIDEO & BLOG)

V = ValueLisa Jones of Barclay Jones talking about value and unlocking the hidden value that already exists in your CRM and your marketing system. (VIEW LISA’S VIDEO & BLOG)

W = Winning AttitudeRoy Ripper talking about the winning mindset successful recruiters have over average recruiters. (VIEW ROY’S VIDEO & BLOG)

X = X-Ray VisionNeil Owen from Frazer John Recruitment talking about using your X-Ray vision to predict hot markets in the next 12 months. (VIEW NEIL’S VIDEO & BLOG)

Y = YellowThe Recruiting Animal talking about stop being yellow and getting on the phone to talk to people. (VIEW ANIMAL’S VIDEO & BLOG)

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