About us

Boomerang Funding is one of four services provided by Boomerang Back Office, who offer recruitment agencies a full suite of back office solutions. Boomerang Back Office specialise in helping recruitment agencies navigate challenges to achieve profitability, competitive advantage and growth by combining the best technology with a remarkable service.

If you are looking for funding to start a recruitment business or simply to begin expanding your existing recruitment agency then Boomerang Funding™ has straight-forward, risk-free funding options that are perfect for you. We pride ourselves on being uniquely placed within the recruitment marketplace to fund your risk-free business growth.

With extensive knowledge of a wide range of industry sectors and funding expertise we have come up with a risk-free funding solution with no hidden extras and no requirement for any forms of debenture or personal guarantee.

Now doesn’t that sound good?

Risk Free Funding

It should do, because our services are genuinely risk free!

We come from your industry; that is why we genuinely understand your needs. After years of experience we knew exactly what you needed to fund contractors and temporary workers. The funding had to be risk free, with no catches or hidden restrictions and you should only have to use them when you needed them.

With an ever widening range of markets being covered, our customers may need to place specialist contractors and temporary workers anywhere and so Boomerang Funding™ covers a broad range of industry sectors, including instant access to the construction market using our 100% Gross Status.

However there is one exception, Boomerang Funding™ is currently unable to provide cover for those looking to work in the care industry, due to its complexities and the understandably necessary level of restrictions that are currently in place.

For us, the aim is to support your funding needs and more importantly help you grow your contractors and temporary workers.

That is why Boomerang Funding™  services require no security, no debentures and there is no minimum usage or expensive annual charges. We make building your business safe and easy and unlike our competitors, with Boomerang Funding™ you could literally be set up and using our risk free services within ten minutes.

Our approach to your funding needs is simply unique!

There is a reason why Boomerang Funding™ keeps things simple. It’s to avoid misleading customers with headline rates that conveniently forget to inform you what they actually include. Make sure any quotes from our competitors are considered on a like for like basis and they match Boomerang Funding™  risk free, catch free offer. We are confident they won’t.

Ultimately Boomerang Funding™ offers solutions that will support your growth by working with you and your clients. We take all the problems and risk away from you leaving you to focus on the needs of your business as its develops and ultimately sleep peacefully at night thanks to our risk-free funding.

We are your risk-free flexible funding partner!