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Posts by Amy Kelly

Using Your Brand to Grow Your Business


According to Indeed, 95% of employed adults start the job searching process six months prior to being hired. These candidates are made up of both active job seekers (those who are consciously looking for their next career move) and passive job seekers (those who may not be actively looking but are attracted to an opportunity…

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How does Indeed work?


Indeed launched in 2004 in the US as a search engine for jobs. Indeed is now in over 50 countries and attracts over 200 million visitors each month worldwide including 19.6 million in the UK. Indeed indexes companies websites pulling jobs into its search results; these “free postings” are organic listings. As the jobs get…

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Attract more talent with dual branding advertising

Recruitment Advertising

As a recruiter your job has not changed, you want to provide your clients with the best candidates while building a database of quality candidates. What has changed though is how to attract the most relevant quality candidates in the first place. Each day the challenge to find the right candidates for the right jobs…

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What’s on your candidates wish list?

Candidates Wish List

Gone are the days when you advertising a job is doing the candidate a favour – now you are the one needing a favour, you need their CV. With the increased number of vacancies available candidates can afford to be a little pickier over which job they apply for, so as a recruiter you need…

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