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Posts by Julie Futcher

What does Diversity Mean and Why is it so Important?


I doubt many people would argue against hiring a diverse workforce. This is especially true for those who have fallen foul of the ‘echo chamber’ effect of only hiring those with similar backgrounds and views as themselves. However, it remains a difficult thing to do – to source people with diverse backgrounds and experiences without…

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Adapting your recruitment strategies to work in a candidate-sparse market

Candidate Shortage

The recruitment world is always changing. The need for new employees is not. The current marketplace favours candidates, with quality people few and far between, so it’s more important than ever for businesses to source and retain good talent. A 2017 report ( found that 48% of employers expect to face a shortage of candidates…

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Are you asking your candidates for exclusivity?

Candidate Exclusivity

Picture this… a candidate walks into your office for an interview. They’re eloquent, experienced and responsive to your ‘recruiter grilling’. You know you’ve hit the jackpot but, none-the-less they walk out of your office and head straight to another interview, likely with your competitor. It doesn’t have to be like this! We’re currently recruiting in…

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