9 Tips to Avoid Backdoor Hires

Avoid Backdoor Hires

Here at introPROTECT, we are devoted to fighting backdoor hires and are always happy to share our expert knowledge in the quest for fairness and getting disputed fees paid! With that in mind, we’ve compiled this comprehensive list of practical things a recruiter can do to prevent backdoor hires from happening:

  1. Get your house in order – Recruiters that run a tight ship are less likely to suffer the risk of backdoor hires. Watertight terms of business covering backdoor hires, contractor re-engagement and third-party introductions is key; as is sending the terms out!
  2. Do your job – Terms already agreed with the client? Great, now comply with the terms when introducing candidates. CV has to go on a portal? Then use the portal. Introduction has to go through HR? Then make sure the introduction is going to the right inbox. Even if you sell-in directly to the hiring manager in parallel (assuming direct contact is allowed), just don’t give them an excuse. No terms in place? Then do yourself a favour and send them out with every introduction.
  3. Mailshot teasers – Prepare a killer summary pitch email about your candidate. Save sending the actual CV for clients that bite on your teaser, then the introduction has been invited and the candidate’s identity protected.
  4. Know your market – If you know everybody and everything about your market, then you will know when your candidate overstays or moves to the client you had them interviewing at three months ago.
  5. Don’t ghost candidates – If the candidate was good enough to get to interview, then they are worth keeping in touch with. Forget or avoid giving them feedback at your peril; because the other recruiter they are working with certainly won’t and no prizes for guessing who they go back to (with an updated CV) next time they are in the market.
  6. Police your Introductions/Contract Finishers – Take the time to keep an eye on your candidates; check updated CVs against previous interviews/assignments and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  7. If you suspect a backdoor hire; avoid immediate threats – Approach the client on the assumptive basis that the fee is due, give the client a get-out-of-embarrassment-free-card by approaching them in a “great news on the hire” manner; save threat escalation for if they dispute the fee.
  8. Keep the candidate on side – A candidate that has been “backdoored” probably doesn’t even know. Don’t treat them like the enemy or go in all guns blazing, think of them as an asset that will help support your case.
  9. Use introPROTECT – After all, we are the backdoor hire specialists who can assist in preventing them, but also detecting and recovering disputed fees if the worst has happened.

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