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AntiVirus won't protect you

Computer security is an on-going project. This is true no matter how good you think your security is. A once a year audit will only take a snapshot of the level of security at that particular point in time. The cyber threat landscape, however, is constantly evolving, becoming ever more sophisticated and consequently, our response…
High potential employees or HiPo's

How to nurture HiPo's to benefit your business

High potential employees or HiPo's can increase the value of a business. You are able to recognise HiPo's through their work ethic and performance, their ability to lead and their confidence when they are challenged. They are able to outperform their peers, learn quickly, are reliable and can work well under pressure while needing minimal…

The 6 Critical Warning Signs That Shout Out You’ll Never Fill This Job Order!

The recruitment sector is changing. According to the latest data, there are over 40,000 recruitment companies now registered at companies house in the UK. Many of these started life recently as sole traders. This could even be one of your big billers that left and set up on their own! As a consequence of this,…

How to improve your engagement on LinkedIn

As someone who previously thought of LinkedIn as just a place to host a CV, I've been amazed at how powerful the platform is for B2B Sales, despite social engagement actually being down 50% in the last few years. The one thing that will never change when it comes to sales is that people buy…
Time Management

Time management and organisation

This is a topic that I'm always questioned on as a trainer. It doesn't matter how much experience someone has in recruitment; it's the subject that I'm always asked to do more training on. We can never seem to perfect it. I put this down to the fact that I don't think that recruitment is…
Recruitment Marketing

7 Bad Habits In Recruitment Marketing

Marketing…. Some people love it, some hate it, some think it’s about drawing pretty pictures and there is zero thought to it, and just about everyone has an opinion on what you should be doing from your website down to your business cards. Anyone working in a marketing role will know there is so much…
Pay Attention

Pay Attention!

How often, when you were a child, did a parent or teacher say, “Pay attention!”? At the time, you probably thought nothing of it. To be fair, perhaps they had a point. Have you noticed since then, that when we don’t pay enough attention, things suffer? It can be very visible in the garden when the plants need…
Attracting Disabled Candidates

Attracting Disabled Candidates

Employers are increasingly aware of the business benefits of employing disabled people. On average disabled employees are just as productive as non-disabled people, have significantly less time off, fewer workplace accidents, and stay in their jobs longer. They have inside intelligence on the “purple pound” (the estimated £249 billion that disabled spend annually in the…

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