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Digital Marketing Strategy

Where are your 2018 marketing activities finishing up?

December is always a time for reflecting on the progress made over the previous 12 months as well as making plans for the year ahead. For us that means conducting a digital marketing strategy review, not only to check for growth and progress but also to understand what has worked to shape our focus for…

GDPR: Just to be clear – information gathering and fair processing notices

Most recruitment agencies and consultants will be well aware of their obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018. In the vast majority of situations, recruiters are data controllers and, as such, have obligations to provide candidates (data subjects) with information about the collection and use of their personal…
Working from home

Lone working and working from home

Alex Dean, a recruitment specialist at Stackhouse Poland, looks at the key considerations for employers when offering agile or home working. An increasing number of businesses are seeking alternative ways to engage with their employees, to respond to the attitudes of the modern workforce, and meet staff expectations more effectively. Offering flexible working can aid…
Candidate Exclusivity

Are you asking your candidates for exclusivity?

Picture this… a candidate walks into your office for an interview. They’re eloquent, experienced and responsive to your ‘recruiter grilling’. You know you’ve hit the jackpot but, none-the-less they walk out of your office and head straight to another interview, likely with your competitor. It doesn’t have to be like this! We’re currently recruiting in…
Business Insurance

I'm starting a business: at what point do I need to think about insurance?

The short answer: Right away. The slightly longer answer: There are several different types of insurance that you might want to consider as a contractor or a freelancer. They serve slightly different purposes, but their primary aim is to protect you against huge financial claims that might arise as a result of your actions or…

Strong relationships come with trust

Learn that strong relationships come with trust – KLT. Relationships of any long-term meaning are never cemented overnight. They take time. KLT stands for know, like and trust which represents the three key stages of your dealings with any client or candidate and they have to go in that order. There are no shortcuts to…

Are you still using the 360 model? If you are, then this could be killing your business growth… RIP 360

As much as I love our amazing recruitment sector, I believe that the majority of recruitment businesses are stuck in a time warp that runs ten years behind the rest of the commercial world. Companies still working the 360 model are a prime example of this. I would go as far as to say if…
Manage time and performance in recruitment

Two ways to proactively manage your time and performance

Time management is the greatest challenge you face as a recruiter. You live in a whirlwind of competing demands every day. I often get asked, “How do you find candidates for your open vacancies, while generating new business leads, keeping in touch with existing clients and dealing with all the admin that comes with it?”…

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