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Why aren’t people being held accountable?

In my job, I meet a lot of senior executives, and it surprises me that many don’t address negative issues as I would expect. I think a large part of this is to do with accountability. Simon Sinek summed it up for me, when he said, “would you fire one of your children if they…
ROI from marketing

7 signs you’re not seeing ROI from marketing

For many, recruitment marketing remains a mystery. Sure, you have a website, a logo and are sharing content on social media, but has marketing actually made a difference in the number of candidates registered, client leads generated and placements made? The problem is that most agency leaders today don’t know how to evidence ROI from…
Billing Team Meeting

The Step by Step Guide to Running A Billing Team Meeting

It's a well-recognised fact that human beings are success seeking creatures according to Maxwell Maltz in his world-famous book Psych Cybernetics. This being the case, it's therefore essential that your recruiters understand what success looks like in your organisation and how to achieve it; enter the power of a successful billing team meeting. Why Run…
Health & wellbeing at work

Health & wellbeing at work

The scene: a beautiful room of the Devonshire Club, Devonshire Square in the heart of London. A very well dressed group of HR professionals from eminent legal firms around the city, joined together to learn about the hot topic currently facing most organisations – how to support mental health in the workplace and specifically, how…
Two Little Words

Two Little Words

This tip on interview skills is all about two little words that, when added into your interview discussions, will allow you to get the most from the interviewee and encourage them to really open up with the real answers to your questions. I am sure that you already ask your interviewee to expand on the…
Digital Security

The importance of digital security for staying safe online

From meeting potential life partners on dating sites, ordering a taxi or booking our next holiday, many areas of our lives are going online. But as we sign up to more services, protecting our personal data and our digital security is more important than ever before, particularly in light of recent data breaches and the…
Video Integration

The must-have guide to video integration for recruiters

Let’s start by dispelling the common myth that video integration is going to be expensive. If you have a decent phone, and a computer, then you have pretty much all the tools you need. To any of my fellow media producers who happen to be reading this, sorry, but it’s time to admit that anyone…

Is disability inclusion relevant for recruiters?

Diversity is no longer seen as an optional extra. Employers are increasingly looking to attract a diverse range of talent for very sound commercial reasons. In the past, employing disabled people was often seen as a ‘nice thing to do’ – almost an act of charity – but now it is understood that inclusive employment…

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