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What's in a Name

What’s in a Name

What's in a Name? As a professional contractor or freelancer you may have built up a reputation for your work and developed strong business relationships. Your personal name is your reputation, synonymous with your work and more than likely how clients or agencies know you. Your Limited Company name is less directly communicated so does…
Risk Free Funding

How To Recruit The Best Graduates For Small Businesses

SMEs are becoming popular among graduates seeking entry-level jobs. But without an HR department, how can small business owners recruit the best graduates?

Recruitment Agency Loses Staff

Would you leave your job if you won the lottery? Staff at a recruitment firm in Kirkby, Merseyside, didn’t take long to make up their minds after scooping a £28million EuroMillions jackpot win this week.
Offshore Employment

New Offshore Employment Legislation To Hit Recruitment

The government has published draft legislation on tax avoidance through offshore employers, with revised proposals putting increased burden on recruitment firms.
Recruiting Recruiters

Thinking Outside The Box?

When it comes to recruiting recruiters, are you thinking outside the box? Like me you probably get sales call after sales call trying to get me to look at PPI, life Insurance, a new mobile phone and energy suppliers to name but a few.
email Security

Recruitment Firms Ignore e-Mail Security Risks

Recruitment professionals will find it easier to meet increasing demands for secure communications with clients from today with the launch of a foolproof, simple and cost-effective email encryption solution. Estimates are that around 144 billion emails are sent a day globally by 2.1 billion users and demands are growing for those handling sensitive information to…

Using Professionals Works

Since we started Boomerang Funding, we have enlisted professionals to help us with day to day operations and growth of our business. We use these professionals because they are better at those roles than we are.

Introducing Boomerang Funding…

Boomerang Funding was formed following requests from recruitment companies for a simple product that would allow them to provide temporary workers and specialist contractors for their clients. This would be without the need to offer complicated guarantees, debentures, or jump through the underwriting hoops of finance providers before being advised they had failed to meet…

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