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Is Your Business Safe From Ransomware?

If you’ve been reading the news in recent months, you will have likely heard about the notable cyber-attack that affected the NHS. The program, which infected an estimated 70,000 devices in the NHS is known as WannaCry.
Freelancer Income

6 Ways You Can Boost Your Income As A Freelancer

There are a number of things you need to consider when you’re working for yourself: How do I grow my business? How do I make my business stronger? How can I boost my profits? Read on below as we take a look at six ways you can grow your income as a contractor or freelancer.
tax avoidance

Spotlight On Tax Avoidance

Following a series of tax changes impacting the contractor market over the last couple of years we have started to see a re-emergence of tax avoidance schemes intended to increase contractor take home pay or take the pressure off recruiter margins.

How Putting On A Play Is Like Running A Business

In case you didn’t know already, I am heavily involved in amateur dramatics in my spare time. Earlier this year, my drama group performed Patrick Hamilton’s thriller “Rope”, and it occurred to me that directing is very like running a successful business.  (Except with amateur dramatics, nobody gets paid!)
candidate experience

Why is the “Candidate Experience” so important?

More than ever, we are hearing the two words ‘candidate experience' being chanted throughout the recruitment village that most of us live in. Buzz words and fads come and go, but this one puts a name to something that has always existed, whether it was paid any attention or not.
Jobs Market

Scottish Jobs Market Continues To Improve

Scotland’s jobs market continued to improve last month as more people found permanent and temporary posts, according to a survey of recruitment agencies. The latest Bank of Scotland Report on Jobs indicated placements grew at their highest rate for several months. Recruitment agencies largely linked the increase to greater client demand. Permanent salaries fell marginally,…

The Dark Art Of Social Recruiting

Social Recruiting, a phrase continually bandied about by just about everyone with any interest in finding the silver bullet that will solve all recruiting headaches. Many organisations will claim their social recruiting endeavours are ‘successful’ but what does success really look like and who in reality is doing it well?
boolean search

Find 50,000 more Data Scientists with one small search adjustment

One of the most sought after skill sets these days is the Data Scientist. Commanding high salaries and high fees, these candidates are worth their weight in gold, but a huge proportion of them are currently being missed. Each of the hundred odd Analytics-focused Recruiters we’ve worked with tend to start their Data Scientist Boolean search…

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