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Appealing to Candidates

How to make your company more appealing to candidates

In a candidate-driven job market, attracting more workers to your company is getting trickier than just simply putting up a basic job advert and hoping for a large response. The recent ONS labour market report found that unemployment is down and at its lowest figure (3.9%) since 1975. This ultimately means there are fewer candidates…
Recruitment Sales

Opening doors and getting new business

Following a great meeting with a client of mine this week, where amongst chat of rugby, motorbikes and new places to eat, we discussed why it is that so many professionals don’t like business development. Interestingly, we both felt exactly the same way and came to the same conclusions: Good consultants are good consultants. They…
Cyber Essentials

Cyber essentials – Is it right for your business?

GDPR – there’s that dreaded phrase again! A key part of GDPR compliance is ensuring your IT systems have suitable and effective protection from nefarious intruders. Managing that compliance is an on-going requirement that can be a drain or, at the least, an interruption to the day-to-day process of the business. So let us ask…
Backdoor Hire

5 top client excuses to avoid fees and how to handle them

If you are a recruiter and suspect you may have fallen foul to a backdoor hire, don't always go in all guns blazing on a client and candidate. It can be as simple as an assumptive request for the agreed fee, and the client pays up. If not, things may escalate, then it's likely you’ll…
Lessons from the Fyre Festival

Lessons contractors can learn from the Fyre Festival

Battered disaster relief tents. Soaking wet mattresses. Oh, and THAT cheese sandwich. The images that resonate from the failed Fyre Festival are a far cry from the montage of frolicking bikini-clad supermodels and flashy yachts that initially advertised the ill-fated event. Netflix's much-talked-about documentary is pure car-crash television, but once we'd stopped cringing, we realised…
A-Z of Recruiting Success

A-Z of Recruiting Success

What I love about Recruiters and Recruitment leaders is their desire to learn. I do not mean training, but learning. You know, the process of being a little bit better tomorrow than you were today. The way that after a bad candidate experience you think about how you can prevent that happening again in the…

Making Tax Digital

From April 2019 all businesses registered for VAT and with a turnover (of VATable supplies) over £85,000 per year will be required to: keep their accounting records in a digital format (a software product or spreadsheet), and use compatible software (that can access HMRC’s API platform) to submit their VAT returns. This represents a major…
Recruitment Social Media

Improve your recruitment firm’s social media content

Are you simply clicking ‘post’ and hoping for the best when it comes to your recruitment firm's social media? If so, you’re doing it wrong. Social media needs a lot more than luck for it to be a success. It takes thought, structure and strategy to produce content that raises awareness, generates meaningful engagement and…

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