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Blogging Mistakes

4 Blogging Mistakes That Recruitment Marketers Make

Blogs are a fantastic medium for your recruitment firm to demonstrate its industry and sector expertise, drive website traffic and generate those all-important leads. However, many firms aren’t seeing any ROI on them. Here are four common blogging mistakes that recruitment marketers make and how to rectify them. Four blogging mistakes: 1.    Your blog posts…

Self-care for the self-employed

For most people, the positives of being a contractor or freelancer far outweigh the negatives, but there can still be taxes on your mental health. Here, we take a look at what they are and what self-care steps you can take to combat them. Lack of routine for the self-employed A lack of routine can…

Using Your Brand to Grow Your Business

According to Indeed, 95% of employed adults start the job searching process six months prior to being hired. These candidates are made up of both active job seekers (those who are consciously looking for their next career move) and passive job seekers (those who may not be actively looking but are attracted to an opportunity…
Culture Fit

Recruiting for ‘Culture Fit’; 5 Tips for Attracting Great Candidates

It’s a term that’s bounded around in recruitment – and often held up as the Holy Grail of successful placements. But what is ‘culture fit’, why does it matter and, most importantly, how do you master it? What is ‘Culture Fit’? Recruiting for culture fit means recruiting with an individual’s personality, working style and ethos…
A voice and a station

Does your social media presence have a voice and a station?

I am presuming a few things in this article. Firstly, I am assuming that you are using social media and recognise how important it can be in developing a good relationship with your clients and candidates, particularly the passive and potential ones. I am also assuming that you make the most of your social media…
Right To Work

Right to Work checks: what impact will Brexit have?

As you probably know, UK employers are currently required to conduct Right to Work checks on all prospective employees to comply with illegal working legislation and avoid unlawful discrimination. With uncertainty around Brexit greater than ever among UK businesses, we are often asked how Right to Work legislation and processes may change when we leave…
Business Relationship

Deliberate acts of relationship enhancement – D.A.R.E.™ to be different

It’s time to give it a name, the act of doing something specific with the express intention of enhancing your business relationship with a client. It might be the simple act of picking up a phone and giving someone a call, for no other purpose than to improve your business relationship. But it could be…
Company Values

4 Company Values That Will Make Your Recruitment Agency Stand Out

Whether you’re starting a new recruitment agency from scratch or giving the image and culture of your current firm a revamp, your company values can have a big impact on the shape of your agency. Company values contribute to your organisation’s personality and influence how people in your business behave, so getting them right is…

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