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Attracting Top Talent

How do you ensure you are attracting and retaining top talent?

As we all know recruitment is a highly competitive sector, with new recruitment businesses opening their doors every day. The fight for top talent is fierce, attracting new employees, be that individuals new to the profession or experienced hires. Attracting talent is just the first hurdle. How do you ensure you are attracting and retaining…
Recruitment Agency Growth

3 reasons your recruitment agency isn’t growing

With an average 21% YoY growth in recruitment agencies starting up in the UK, the industry is clearly still thriving. But while getting started up initially as a recruitment agency can be relatively straightforward and inexpensive to do, how do you ensure you keep growing – particularly in a competitive and oversaturated market like this…
Wish for something good

Wish for something good

If you are going to wish for something then make it something good – because, good or bad, you might just get it. Richard Bandler is one of the two “inventors” of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). He was once asked by a basketball team to improve their percentage scoring rate on penalty points. He split the…
Recruitment Advertising

Attract more talent with dual branding advertising

As a recruiter your job has not changed, you want to provide your clients with the best candidates while building a database of quality candidates. What has changed though is how to attract the most relevant quality candidates in the first place. Each day the challenge to find the right candidates for the right jobs…
Recruitment Trends

4 hiring challenges to overcome in 2019

How confident are you in your hiring efforts right now? Are you all set to grow your team in 2019, or are you aware that there are challenges to overcome if you want to secure the very best workers? After all, the market is particularly tough right now. Not only are there fewer people proactively…
Professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity – what is it and can you cancel it?

Alex Dean, a recruitment specialist at Stackhouse Poland, looks at the key issues in relation to Professional Indemnity Insurance. For those readers (un)fortunate enough to be responsible for your business’s Insurances you will know that some covers are an absolute requirement, either through legislative provision such as Employers’ Liability or through the necessity of protecting…
Mobile Apps

5 mobile apps that encourage proactive recruitment

All around the world, millions of recruiters are joining hands in sourcing the best people for the right roles. We are confident from our knowledge, industry experience and expertise that this is just the start of an evolutionary battle. In today’s gadget-friendly world, it’s still a surprise to us that recruiters aren’t taking notice of…
Contractors vs Employees

Making the right hire – Employee vs independent contractor

Over the last decade, there has been a substantial increase of as much as 40% in the hire of agency workers and short-term contractors. This can be explained by a variety of factors including the trend towards a gig economy and the increasing need for flexibility for both employers and their staff. Depending on the…

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