Growing Your Existing Contractors

Whether you are looking to build a book of contractors or simply develop your existing ones then Boomerang Funding™ is here to help. For us, it means you already understand the value of contractors and temporary workers for your business going forward.

Having contractors and temporary workers means you can budget more closely for future income on a month-by-month basis. They allow you to plan far more effectively and help sustain your future growth.

Working with contractors can build you a better future

Unlike permanent recruitment where looking in to the future can be of limited value, contract and temporary workers give you a confirmed income stream, often for set periods of time allowing you to budget more easily within your business.

Smart businesses soon realise that if their contractors cover the running costs then the permanent recruitment fees become the profit, not the other way round.

In fact growing your contractors and temporary workers will often see the value and desirability of your recruitment business increase dramatically along with the profitability. However with good news also comes some bad because now you have to deal with cash flow and the back office administration.

Risk free funding

Which is why Boomerang Funding™ is the perfect partner!

Boomerang Funding™ have the answers. Not only do we understand your client’s markets, we also fully appreciate what you are going through and therefore our comprehensive solutions come with everything you could require, leaving you to concentrate on growth and sourcing new customers for your business.

With us, you are free to grow as quickly as you want! When it comes to developing your contractors there are many reasons to use our services. We believe growth comes from concentrating on your business and not worrying about the terms and conditions of the funding you use.

With an ever widening range of markets being covered, our customers may need to place specialist contractors and temporary workers anywhere and so Boomerang Funding™ covers a broad range of industry sectors, including instant access to the construction market using our 100% Gross Status.

However there is one exception, Boomerang Funding™ is currently unable to provide cover for those looking to work in the care industry, due to its complexities and the understandably necessary level of restrictions that are currently in place.

Grow your contractors with Boomerang Funding™

Quite simply, Boomerang Funding™ offers proven solutions that work without any catches or any hidden restrictions, solutions which support your growth and work seamlessly with both you and your clients.

We simply remove the cash flow problem and provide the increased support you require. More than that for those starting off who are not VAT-registered then our services will actually help you remain under the necessary thresholds for slightly longer thus easing the financial pain of growth even further.

Your future starts here, your growth starts with us

Remember we take all the problems and risk away, leaving you to focus on the needs of your business and enjoy the growth you deserve.