3 Last-Minute Questions You Should Ask Every Candidate Before an Interview


It’s the day before your candidate’s interview – you’ve vetted them, prepped them and you’re feeling confident about their chances of getting the job. But your work is not quite done. There are still a couple of minor things that could ruin your candidates’ chances – and yours of making a fee!  

It’s always a good idea to ask candidates these last-minute questions to ensure they don’t get tripped on the day….

Who are you meeting?

There’s nothing worse than your candidate turning up for an interview, going to the front desk and then not knowing the name of their interviewers. Even if they finally figure it out, you can bet the receptionist will tell the line manager about this blunder.

First impressions are important, so if your candidate slips at the first hurdle, they might not be given a chance to run the rest of the race.

Mistakes like this don’t just reflect badly on them, but you too! You are their point of contact in the recruitment process, not the line manager, so it’s up to you to keep them informed. The stress of an interview can easily cause a candidate’s mind to go blank, so prompt them to remember the interviewer’s name before they get through the door to ensure they make a strong first impression.

Do you know the dress code?

Workplace dress code isn’t as uniform as it was twenty years ago – many companies (including Firefish Software) now have a casual dress policy. These changes in business culture are a great perk for employees (especially for many Gen Zs), but it can make choosing interview outfits tricky for candidates. 

In today’s market, candidates don’t just need to worry about underdressing for an interview but overdressing too. Imagine how awkward it would be to wear a suit to an interview only to find that your interviewer is wearing jeans and a t-shirt! As a recruiter, it’s your job to tell your candidate about the dress code of the company they’re interviewing with.

So check your candidate knows the dress code and if your candidate sounds uncertain of what to wear, suggest something you know has worked in the past. That way, you and your candidate will be confident they’ve got their interview look nailed!

Do you know where you’re going?

Everyone who’s worked in recruitment has had a frantic candidate (not necessarily your own) calling the office because they’ve gotten lost on the way to the interview and are going to be late. It causes a huge panic as you try to direct them to the location while simultaneously trying to contact the client to tell them there’s a problem.

This disastrous situation could be prevented by simply asking a candidate if they know how they’re getting to their interview. But don’t just take “yes” for an answer, you need to get details! You’d be surprised how many candidates don’t bother checking transport schedules, congestion patterns or even the route before an interview.

With Google Maps, being late because you’re lost isn’t really an excuse anymore, so recommend that your candidates plan their route the night before using Maps – or better yet, do a test run and drive the route in advance. If your candidate is nervous about driving there, you can also suggest taking a taxi – that way they’ll arrive promptly and won’t be flustered by the stress of travelling.  

There are so many factors to consider when preparing a candidate for an interview; our eBook will take you through the process step-by-step and set up your candidate (and you!) for success – download it here! 

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