Are you asking your candidates for exclusivity?

Candidate Exclusivity

Picture this… a candidate walks into your office for an interview. They’re eloquent, experienced and responsive to your ‘recruiter grilling’. You know you’ve hit the jackpot but, none-the-less they walk out of your office and head straight to another interview, likely with your competitor.

It doesn’t have to be like this!

We’re currently recruiting in a candidate-driven marketplace. This means there are more job openings than there are high-quality candidates to fill them. For the candidate, this is great! Their asks, expectations and opportunities can be pushed sky high. For recruiters, on the other hand, it’s a totally different story. We have to work twice as hard to find and keep hold of those quality candidates.

Therefore, when that killer candidate walks into your office, you do not want them walking out without agreeing to an exclusive contract with you.


Allow me to explain some of the benefits of exclusivity to you, and your candidate:

#1. It’s good for your Reputation

When you gain exclusivity from a candidate, you know exactly what interviews and offers are on the table. You get something of an omnipotent view of their prospects. Because of this, when you approach a client, send the candidate for an interview or negotiate terms, you can be sure they haven’t got something different up their sleeve.

Your chances of successfully placing the candidate increase and, with them, your reputation with clients.

Likewise, when a candidate agrees to an exclusive relationship with you, they know they’re getting your full attention and investment. It’s a win-win!

#2. It guarantees your Fees

When a candidate agrees to exclusivity, it’s likely they’re committed to the job search, not just looking to push their current employers for a higher salary or scope out opportunities. This commitment enables you to guarantee they’ll accept the right offer, in turn guaranteeing your fees.

Once again, it works both ways. By committing to you, they can be secure in your belief in them and their value. They know you’ll be pushing for the right job and the right offer.

#3. It saves you Time

Time… that elusive old thing. Put simply, by gaining exclusivity from your candidate you won’t waste your time looking for opportunities, schmoozing clients and arranging interviews, only for the candidate to go elsewhere at the end of it all!

Are you sensing the format? Yes, it also benefits the candidate because they won’t need to spend their time visiting different recruiters and managing the various opportunities that come in. That’s what they've got you for after all.

#4. It makes for a Happy Client

Is there any better feeling than a happy client? Looking back at #1, never losing a promising candidate at the last minute means you can guarantee your client’s time won’t be wasted. Exclusivity smooths the recruitment process and keeps everyone happy.

For the candidate, starting a new job with a happy employer – one who knows their value – ain’t half bad either!

#5. It lays the Foundations for a Future Relationship

Out comes the salesperson in me; always on the lookout for future opportunities. One thing I found throughout my career in recruitment was this… when you invest in the best set-up for a candidate here and now, you inadvertently invest in their entire future.

When you work tirelessly to get your candidate a great role, they remember. If they come to another turning point in their lives and careers, who do they turn to? You.

You become a trusted figure to them, one who understands their employment history and career aspirations, this has paybacks in the coming years.

So, there we have it if you’re not asking your top-quality candidates for exclusivity yet, why not?

About me:

Following 20+ years in recruitment, I started The Sales Manager in 2013. We’re a sales training and telemarketing company based in Northampton, offering workshops and bespoke courses to SMEs and recruiters across the country. For more info, get in touch on 01604 532004 or through the website (

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