What’s on your candidates wish list?

Candidates Wish List

Gone are the days when you advertising a job is doing the candidate a favour – now you are the one needing a favour, you need their CV.

With the increased number of vacancies available candidates can afford to be a little pickier over which job they apply for, so as a recruiter you need to make sure that your job is ticking as many boxes as possible on your candidates wish list, but what is it that candidates are looking for?

Company Culture

For many candidates, the company itself is one of the most important factors in deciding their next career move.

Let’s be honest, as a full-time employee, you spend a large proportion of your time at work, so you need to make sure that the company culture and fit suits you as an individual.

According to LinkedIn, 75% of job seekers consider an employers brand before applying for a job. When writing your adverts, using an employers brand speaks a thousand words and immediately transports the candidates to a different place.

Branded advertising is becoming more popular now with recruiters, and we are also starting to see an increase in the number of recruiters taking advantage of the video elements available to them from the job board products. This helps give a clear indication of what it’s like to work for the company making it easier for candidates to gauge their suitability and in turn producing a higher quality of applicant.

Career Prospects

It’s no surprise that the possibility of career progression within a role will be attractive to job seekers, but it is not only promotional opportunities that candidates are attracted to but also training and development.

When writing your adverts make sure you include the development opportunities available to the candidate as this can help your vacancy stand out against another similar role.

Candidates are always looking for ways to develop their skills and move their career forward. Progression opportunities within an organisation not only help to increase candidate interest as part of the recruitment process initially, but this will also help with staff retention moving forward and help the businesses to grow.

Attractive Salary

It’s not the only thing people look for, but the salary is still one of the highest priorities when looking for a new job. According to 2 in 3 job seekers are more likely to apply for a vacancy when a salary is displayed.

Think about when you are shopping; you see two very similar items; one has a price the other doesn't. You are more likely to go with the item you know the price of and discard the other. The same principle happens when candidates search for jobs.

Due to how the job board technology works we would recommend using a salary range when advertising. For example:

  • A candidate searches on a salary of £20,000 pa.
    The job boards will show the candidate jobs with a salary of £20,000 and above.
  • A recruiter advertises a job with a salary of £19,500 pa.
    As a candidate, I will not see your job as the salary is below my search criteria, but as a recruiter, you will still want me to see your job. You may be offering free parking, career progression and lots of other perks that means the overall package is worth more to the candidate than the £19,500 pa salary.

Using a salary range will mean that you can show your job to a wider audience. However, do not use a salary range that is too wide as this can do the reverse and be off-putting to candidates as they start to think it is not a real job. We recommend using a range of no more than £5000 pa but always include the correct salary details and package details within the advert, so that once your advert is found and read by the candidates, they understand what is included.

Work-Life Balance

A study from Totaljobs shows that around 24% of candidates when looking for their next career move are attracted to flexible working options and work-life balance.

When advertising your jobs if you have the options available for flexible working hours and/or working from home, make sure these are included in your advert. Not only are these attractive traits to candidates but it also shows that as an employer you understand the importance of work-life balance.

Not all employers will be able to offer these kinds of flexibilities; however, you may be located in a convenient location to transport links, have excellent public transport options available, even have an onsite or nearby gym. All of these things can provide a better work-life balance to a candidate depending on their situation and needs allowing them to benefit from improved morale.

Good Benefits

If a candidate is presented with similar jobs, key benefits can be a deciding factor on which job they choose to hit the apply button on.

Generous pension, healthcare, an extra day off for your birthday, discount schemes. Even workplace perks such as healthy food initiatives, ping pong tables, an office dog etc. all can make the difference to a candidate when they are choosing their next job.

Make sure that when writing your job adverts you shout about the additional benefits, even if it’s “just” free parking, it could be enough to make your job stand out.

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