Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

Registered CIS Scheme

fully compliant

no personal guarantees

We understand just how difficult starting or expanding your business in the construction sector can be. This is especially true when it comes to funding contractors so the Boomerang Funding™ team came up with the perfect solution.

Recruitment is a fundamental part of all construction projects and to be able to supply contractors in this sector you need to have 100% Gross status otherwise 20% of your invoice value will be held back and resolved quarterly.

This is tough to achieve as a new starter but, by using Boomerang Funding™ services you can compete with all the main recruiters and supply contractors the same day, if necessary, using our own HMRC fully compliant 100% Gross status.

That’s immediate 100% Gross status

So if you work in the construction industry and provide specialist services then our CIS solution offers you the instant access to what you require.

Boomerang Funding™ offer services with no restrictions or hidden costs and, unlike others, we offer immediate access to that lucrative 100% Gross Status meaning you can get on with building your recruitment business instantly.

We knew exactly what your clients needed, so we simply created the right risk free funding product for you and your business to succeed and remember we only charge you on a timesheet-by-timesheet basis.

Just like everything we do, there is no commitment; just use us when you need us. We give you the freedom to use us as often or as little as you choose; perfect for those seasonal ups and downs which are so typical of the construction industry.

All of which comes with our completely risk-free funding

We have even made sure that our services enable you to get up and running within this sector from day one allowing you to instantly compete with some the biggest names in the industry. Who else can give you that with no hidden catches when you are starting out in business?

We take all the problems and risk away from you leaving you to focus on the needs of your business and ultimately sleep peacefully at night.

With everything we do, we believe in supporting you and your business, helping you grow. Remember our services require no security, no debentures and with Boomerang Funding™ there are no minimum usage charges.

So why not build a better future with Boomerang Funding?

We make starting a business or expanding your business within the construction sector as safe and easy for you as we can.