Are your consultants f******** up or leaving 80% of sales on the table?

Follow-up and sales

One of the biggest problems I hear recruitment Business Owners who want to scale their business complaining about is:

“We just don’t have enough new business and jobs coming in….”

The truth is – it’s not your consultants’ fault…. we have a saying at Centred Excellence:

“It’s Not Your People It’s Your Process….”

And there are a few KEY activities in your recruitment process that when you become obsessive and ruthless in executing and mastering them consistently, will bring in BIG returns…. And one of these KEY activities is having an obsessive focus on the f……… word.

Yes, you guessed it……… follow-up.

Over 80% Of Sales Happen During The Follow-Up

Ever heard the saying the “Gold is in the Follow-up…”.

In a moment, you’ll see how much of your gold is currently being left on the table….

“Be prepared to have your brain fried at the amount of revenue your consultants are potentially leaving on the table.

Did you know?

  • 48% of sales people never follow-up with a prospect
  • 25% of sales people make a second contact and stop
  • 12% of sales people only make three contacts and stop

Not a great start; is it, especially when you understand human behaviour and the buyer’s cycle which confirms that.

  • 2% of sales are made on the first contact
  • 3% of sales are made on the second contact
  • 5% of sales are made on the third contact
  • 10% of sales are made on the fourth contact
  • 80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact

Considering that it’s common for recruiters to make a couple of follow-ups and then stop, you can see how placements and profits aren’t happening.

What Successful Recruitment Companies Do When It Comes To Follow-Up

What can you do to follow-up?

Plenty of things!

Here are several suggestions that our successful clients are using.

They Create a System

First, you need a consistent tracking system in place that your consultants consistently follow when it comes to your follow-up process. Remember consistency is one of the key laws of influence and persuasion.

One of our clients uses our tested client converter tool.

Every month the consultants use a simple traffic light system that works like gangbusters when it comes to ensuring follow-up happens at the right time. At the beginning of the month, each consultant has their target client list added into the converter tool. All follow-up actions are marked in red.

By the end of the month in their monthly review meeting, the consultant must make sure that they have all turned to green; this can only happen by completing a follow-up action with the client. Such a straightforward way to ensure a system is acted on.”

Automate Some of Your Sales Funnel

You don’t need to rely 100% on your consultants to do the manual follow-up – you can automate a lot of it too. i.e. there are some amazing automated email tools that you can use to ‘touch’ clients automatically with really useful, value adding stuff. Your admin or marketing people can also take charge of some of the touch points (which means your consultants don’t have to remember), whether that’s marketing out candidates or sending great case studies, blogs, podcasts, videos, hot jobs, connecting with people on LinkedIn etc.…

You can also outsource the follow-up – e.g. we have a fantastic team of people in Singapore who do all of our LinkedIn work. Our clients get a human being responding who follows a system so I don’t have to do it – because frankly, I would probably forget to do it consistently….

Monthly Sales Days

“The power of a group creates fantastic buzz and results. Many of our clients use a sales day to ‘get it done’; peer pressure is a wonderful thing when used in a fun, active day like this.

Here is how one client uses this.

During the day, everyone in the team goes through 4 power sessions of 90 minutes of follow-up and contacting clients.

It’s based on specific research by Tony Schwartz who wrote the best-selling business book on productivity. He tested the optimum work periods for focus. It revealed that working in 90-minute batches optimised productivity and results.

The results from these days can be outstanding, especially for a competitive group of recruiters.

When it comes to sales decisions it is well recognised that it’s rare for any of us to buy on the first contact; especially when it comes to high-value purchases, which is exactly what recruitment is.

Here is the thing, if your recruiters make only a couple of calls or send only one email and give up you will NEVER hit your revenue goals.”

Bottom Line: If your recruiters aren’t following up contacts and connections using a consistent process, or you haven’t automated it, someone else’s recruiters will, and you are missing out on 80% of sales….

If you are struggling to get your team to follow-up consistently and this is affecting your bottom line profits as well as your sanity, then we can help. ☺

We Can Help?

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Warm regards,

Nicky and Katy

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