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As a recruiter your job has not changed, you want to provide your clients with the best candidates while building a database of quality candidates. What has changed though is how to attract the most relevant quality candidates in the first place.

Each day the challenge to find the right candidates for the right jobs increases, a recent survey from CV-Library has revealed that of 300 in-house and agency recruiters 83.9% are seeing the lack of relevant talent as one of their main challenges.

As a recruiter that is advertising to attract the best candidates to your jobs, you need to be able to show the job seekers why they should apply for your job over another similar one.

Candidates want to see something different, something that makes them stop scrolling through a list of jobs and want to know more about one in particular.

Your client's employment brand can do this

According to LinkedIn, 75% of job seekers consider an employers brand before applying for a job. Using your client's employment brand when advertising your jobs enables candidates not only to see who they will be working for but also gives them a feel for the kind of company they could be part of.

84% of Glassdoor survey participants said they’d leave their current job for a role at a company with an excellent reputation.

Showcasing an employers brand is also a great way of targeting passive candidates.

We recently worked with Sue Yates Personnel who was advertising for an HR Director role and chose to use the law firms branding to advertise the vacancy. The results provided a strong shortlist and an ideal candidate, one of which was not looking to make a move but saw that the law firm was recruiting and felt they were the company they wanted to be a part of.

“I don’t want people knowing my client is recruiting”

I can hear you, I know what you are going to say, but just stay with me for a minute.

Dual branded advertising is a way of using both your recruitment brand and the client’s employer brand within the adverts, placing your recruitment logo next to your client’s, showing the strong relationship you have together.

Yes, people will still know that your client is recruiting but if your client is happy for you to put your brand next to theirs for everyone to see, you would like to think that they think highly enough of the service you provide that they wouldn’t want to jeopardise that relationship by speaking with other agencies.

You will also be offering your client an enhanced service and increase the chance of you filling the role for them quickly with relevant, quality candidates. Isn’t that what you set out to do?

As you will be handling the response and recruitment process for your client, you will also benefit from receiving an increased number of quality candidates that you will be able to make more placements from.

Another benefit to advertising using your client’s brand is that when using “”, job seekers who match the role are emailed employer branded adverts first before recruitment agency adverts – so you will be one step ahead of your competitors.

“Can I just put my client's name within my normal recruitment agency branded adverts?”

No, if you purchase recruitment agency postings, these can be used for your branding only. You can describe your client's company within these adverts without mentioning their name. Mentioning your client's names in these adverts is against the job boards terms and conditions and can result in your live adverts being removed and in some cases charges being issued.

If your client is happy for you to use their branding you will need to make sure you are using the correct employer branded or dual branded products.

Candidate Source Ltd are the award-winning, online recruitment advertising experts. Supporting recruiters with their candidate attraction needs since 2010. There’s nothing about recruitment advertising and job boards that Candidate Source don’t know; from advert writing and employment brand awareness to application filtering and media buying they have you covered. If you think you might benefit from having a recruitment media expert on your side, give the team a call on 01675 462 876.

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