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As someone who previously thought of LinkedIn as just a place to host a CV, I've been amazed at how powerful the platform is for B2B Sales, despite social engagement actually being down 50% in the last few years.

The one thing that will never change when it comes to sales is that people buy from people, and social is your opportunity to show people who you are.

Over 90% of our inbound leads can be attributed to our LinkedIn activity, it's word of mouth on steroids, and we don't pay LinkedIn a penny. It's a free marketing channel; you just need to invest your time.

Don't overthink it

The best way to drive engagement on social is to be yourself and not overthink it. I know that's easier said than done, especially when it comes to video, but if you over-edit, it will show and if you take too long to produce your content, you're diminishing your ROI. Your time isn't free.

Just go for it. Produce content that is natural and full of your personality. It will speak much louder than an edited or rehearsed version of yourself.

Do video the right way

Make sure you do video, and I don't mean YouTube. It's important to upload your videos natively to get the most reach.

Unfortunately, it's not quite as simple as taking a quick selfie video and putting it out there.

As most video is consumed on mobile and on mute, you need to spend a little bit of time adding subtitles to your video before uploading to get the most engagement.

If you're an iPhone user, I recommend Apple's Clips app – it's free, fantastic and gets the job done with minimal fuss. I'm not sure what the Android alternative is, but I'd love to hear your recommendations.

Be consistent

Consistency is key, and sharing daily will keep you and your brand fresh in people's minds. You don't need to be creative every single day, you can share curated content (with your own thoughts) or you can re-share an evergreen blog post – the key is to be consistent.

It takes minutes to post, make it part of your routine. Find that time to provide your LinkedIn connections value and encourage that engagement. By being consistent, not only will your network grow, your brand will too.

Interact with your audience

Just as people buy from people, you need to realise your audience are real people too. If someone likes your post, thank them. If they comment, comment back. Never just like their comment, it shuts down the conversation & adds zero value. Make sure you take the time to comment on other people's posts too, it opens up the conversation, and you'll find yourself networking with more people.

Just like commenting on people's posts, you can do the same with hashtags. Every day search for ten hashtags relevant to your industry and write a comment! Not only will you be opening up conversations with others in the same industry, but it will also help grow your business and brand awareness. Make sure that the comment is meaningful, add some value – perhaps an opinion or a question – open up and invite those discussions.

Share your jobs sparingly

If you're a recruiter, it's likely that right now all you're sharing is jobs. You need to share more content than jobs and earn the right for your audience's eyeballs on your jobs, and for goodness sake stop with the “I'm recruiting for this role please click on the job description below to apply” status updates. Nobody is clicking, and you're damaging your reputation, and probably being unfollowed by your connections.

You're better off not sharing jobs at all if you can't be bothered to at least try and make them engaging.

For every job post, you need to be providing the content. Add that value through your content, get people reading, commenting and engaging on your posts. Your job posts will benefit as a result.

The more engaging your job posts are, the more attention it will receive from your audience – you may even find yourself tapping into those passive candidates.


LinkedIn is still a golden way to engage with your potential clients and candidates, but you need to put the effort in, be consistent, go outside of your comfort zone and deliver value first. You need to earn the right to talk to who you want, and you do that by starting conversations.

By increasing your engagement on social media, you open yourself up to have better conversations, with both clients, future clients and candidates. Not only are you providing better, more meaningful discussions, but you are also directly building your network and brand.

Similarly, it welcomes warmer meetings – your engagement on LinkedIn has created those rapports; therefore, when it comes to meeting, you almost feel like you know them already!

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