Thinking of exiting your business

Management buy out?

Looking to retire?

Selling your business?

We replace your existing funding...leaving you free to exit

Whether you’re thinking of selling your business or looking to retire then you should think carefully about your exit strategy. Right from the outset it is important that you make yourself attractive to any potential buyer and one of the key areas to consider is the method of funding you use.

This may not be immediately obvious, but consider how you currently pay your contractors and ask yourself if any potential new buyer would be in a position to do the same with the contractors you have in place.

Could a potential buyer fund your contractors?

Whether you fund your temporary workers or contractors using your own funds, a bank loan, a factoring or invoice discounting facility you probably realise you have a problem. Boomerang Funding™ have the answer.

We can step in and replace your current method of funding. This will allow you to remove all borrowings directly tied in to you through either personal guarantees, debentures or other forms of security. Remember these forms of security may be linked to you or the company and are not easily transferable to new buyers.

This makes for a seamless exit strategy and painless transition, meaning that both candidates and clients alike will experience no interruption or inconvenience to the service they receive. Now that definitely makes for a painless exit.

Our services ensure all the financial avenues for running your temporary workers and contractors are fully considered. We will work closely with you at all times to ensure the whole process runs smoothly.

That is the uniqueness of what Boomerang Funding™ offers.

Quite simply, we offer you solutions that work without any catches or any hidden restrictions, solutions which help support your exit and work with you and the new owner. We take all the problems and liabilities that could be associated with you leaving allowing for a seamless and professional exit strategy.

Whatever your reasons, using our services will quickly see you taking up that retirement you deserve or perhaps working on that new venture of which you have always dreamed. Boomerang Funding™ is proud to be a flexible partner for all your future contractor and temporary worker funding plans.

Remember none of our competitors can offer what we do.

We take all the problems away, leaving you to focus on the future and perhaps finally enjoy some of the benefits of building a business over so many years.