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4 hiring challenges to overcome in 2019

Recruitment Trends

How confident are you in your hiring efforts right now? Are you all set to grow your team in 2019, or are you aware that there are challenges to overcome if you want to secure the very best workers?

After all, the market is particularly tough right now. Not only are there fewer people proactively looking for work, but many hiring teams have also seen their budgets slashed in a bid to save money for the business.

But what does this mean for your hiring efforts this year? Our latest whitepaper explores some of the key recruitment trends for 2019, and we’ve taken these insights to outline the four hiring challenges to overcome this year.

1. A lack of relevant talent

According to our survey of 300 in-house and agency recruiters, a staggering 83.9% say that a lack of relevant talent is one of the main challenges they’re facing right now.

What’s more, the ONS continues to report on unemployment being at its lowest rate for well over 40 years, suggesting more people are in work and not actively looking for jobs.

So how can you expect to fill your roles if the talent that you need isn’t available? Partnering with the right suppliers is extremely important.

For example, if you use job boards as part of your recruitment strategy, ensure that their CV Database is growing and that they’re making a proactive effort to attract more candidates to their site.

2. Targeting passive candidates

Moving on from the above point, 41.3% of hiring professionals find targeting passive candidates difficult. But if you expect to recruit more people this year, it’s important to brush up on this area.

Essentially, passive candidates are the individuals that aren’t proactively looking for work but would be open to a new role if you were to approach them about one.

Because of this, simply posting a job advert online and expecting hundreds of applications to roll in is no longer viable in the current recruitment market. Instead, adding an element of proactivity to this is extremely important.

How good is your company at going out and finding candidates? CV Databases are your best friend here, but sites such as LinkedIn can also be great for finding and reaching out to people about your roles.

3. Lack of time to search for CVs

While CV search is extremely important in the current market, our survey found that finding the time to conduct the searches is a major challenge for UK recruiters.

We often find that companies struggle to get to grips with the Boolean method of searching. This involves combining keywords and phrases within the Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT, “speech marks” and (brackets) to limit, widen or define your search.

This is mainly because it sounds a lot more complicated than it is. Get to grips with basic Boolean search strings, and you’ll get better results, faster.

Plus, many job boards are investing their time into making the process easier for you. For example, we’ve added a new feature to our CV Search that includes other popular terms based on the job title or industry you’re searching for. This allows you to broaden your search and make sure you’re not missing out on any great candidates.

4. Lack of resource and time

Finally, we found that 18.7% of recruiters struggle with a lack of resource and 12.6% don’t have the time to screen candidates. An easy solution for both issues is the adoption of new technology to assist with attracting, recruiting and retaining top talent.

For example, Applicant Tracking Systems are great for monitoring applications and sorting them based on suitability. What’s more, you can integrate your ATS with your job board to ensure you’ve always got access to the freshest talent pool.

With any recruitment partner, particularly those within the technology space, the relationship should be about finding quality candidates most efficiently.

Overcome these hiring challenges in 2019

There are a number of trends shaping the current recruitment market and it’s clear from our findings that hiring professionals are under pressure to source the best candidates, fast.

In order to ensure that you secure the talent you need in 2019, it’s important to stay on top of these trends, be proactive and invest in the right tools to assist with your recruitment needs.

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