3 important things to look for in every new recruiter you hire

Hiring a Recruiter

Sure, we’re experts in hiring, but hiring recruiters is a whole other kettle of fish. As anyone working in recruitment knows, you can’t study to become a recruiter; there’s no particular qualification that proves you know your stuff.

For proof of delivery, we rely on figures presented by the recruiter themselves, these are often totally inflated, and we have no substantial way of proving or disproving them. Alongside this, the hardest thing is that sometimes those who have the longest employment history as a recruiter aren’t the ones who are going to bring you in the most cash.

So how can you be confident that you’re hiring someone onto your team who will boost productivity and improve brand reputation rather than end up damaging your business? Here are three important but often overlooked traits to look for in every new recruiter you hire:


Ten years ago, you could get away with hiring a recruiter onto your team who is not the most confident person when it comes to handling technology, but still boasted all the other qualities that make a great recruiter. But nowadays, the chances of your top billers not being tech-savvy are slim to none.

To ensure your targets are met each month, you need to know your recruiters are maximising your recruitment software to keep productivity levels high, keep your data clean and stay GDPR compliant. Hiring someone you know will keep their finger on the pulse regarding new tech and staying active on social media is something that’s a lot more valuable to a recruitment business than many admit. You need someone who’s going to stand out in this crowded market (for the right reasons!) and not just uphold your reputation, but improve it.


It’s easy to think that the best recruiters to hire onto your team will be the great talkers; the ones who can confidently hold an entire room’s attention without anyone losing focus. But in practice, good talkers won’t necessarily win your agency recurring business.

It’s those recruiters who are great listeners as well as speakers who will be most valuable to you – the ones who know how to read others and take on board what people tell them, rather than merely telling clients and candidates what they need. It’s also those recruiters who candidates and clients feel they can get in touch with, whether it’s good news or bad, who keep businesses moving smoothly.

So, if a potential recruit comes into your office all guns blazing to offer you their services, ask yourself – would my network enjoy communicating with this person?


‘Adaptability’ is one of these words that we often dismiss as the kind of hot-air jargon that makes candidates switch off from our job ads, but hear me out on this one!

The recruitment industry is evolving rapidly, and with the likes of GDPR shaking up our entire database management and Google for Jobs radicalising how job-seekers find our jobs, it’s clear we’re at a pivotal moment of change. But if you hire a proven top biller onto your team who thinks they already know everything they need to know to do their job – you’re setting yourself up for disaster.

You want to be investing in recruiters who are keen to adapt to your business’s way of working and will always remain curious about the industry, no matter how much they know!

Look for these three things in each new hire you make, and you’ll be futureproofing your recruitment agency in a way that means you’re ready for whatever the market throws at you next.

Author: Katie Paterson, Firefish Software

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