How does Indeed work?


Indeed launched in 2004 in the US as a search engine for jobs. Indeed is now in over 50 countries and attracts over 200 million visitors each month worldwide including 19.6 million in the UK.

Indeed indexes companies websites pulling jobs into its search results; these “free postings” are organic listings. As the jobs get older, they get pushed further down the search results.

Sponsored Jobs

Indeed offers you the option to sponsor your jobs, giving your adverts a premium page position, getting your jobs in front of more candidates. The sponsored jobs appear in the first four and last two job slots per page.

The sponsoring of jobs with Indeed is on a pay per click basis (similar to Google AdWords). You decide how much you want to spend and you set a budget. You then only pay when someone clicks to view your job.

The position of these jobs depends on the amount paid per click. The higher you bid in relation to other bids, the higher up the page your vacancy will appear.

Indeed’s data can show you, on average, how many jobs have been posted that month within a job category, which can give you a good indication of where you need to pitch your bids.

You can start, stop and pause your jobs at any time to ensure your budget is spent in the most cost-effective way.

Company Page

Indeed is also used by candidates to resource companies. All companies with jobs on Indeed will have a company page. There is no charge to customise your company page with Indeed so if you haven’t already you should be claiming your page and begin to add your logo, profile, social media links etc. to increase your brand awareness on the site.

Remember – when customising your company page you are aiming this at candidates NOT clients!

Indeed rewards you for gaining positive reviews on your company page. Once you have three or more reviews your page will become searchable and open you to more benefits including, allowing candidates who visit your page to learn about what you offer; see all of the jobs you are currently advertising and give candidates the opportunity to follow your company and your jobs.

CV Database

Indeed has a CV Database of over 100 million CVs. The CV data is visible on the site for anyone to be able to search. Without an active paid for subscription, you are unable to make contact with any of the candidates.

With an active paid CV subscription you can send personalised emails to candidates you feel are suitable for a vacancy which you have and start a conversation with them. The subscriptions come in two packages, 30 contacts per month and 100 contacts per month.

Indeed rewards you for using the database correctly. For every candidate who responds positively you will gain two contacts back, a neutral response gives you one contact back, and no response results in you losing your contact (on average employers receive a 44% total response rate).

You can roll the contacts over for six months as long as you have an active subscription, so through personalised, quality contact, you can actually end the month with more contacts than you started with.

Indeed is not a Job Board

The main thing to remember with Indeed is that it is not a job board. It is a search engine for jobs.

If you have any questions about Indeed or attracting candidates via job boards and online media, give us a call on 01675 462 876. As Candidate Source is a recognised advertising agency, we are also able to offer our clients a great incentive to channel their Indeed booking through us.

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