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I love marketing, but let’s be honest, this profession can be like a long winding rabbit hole. Whether it’s SEO or content marketing, as soon as you scratch the surface you’ll find hundreds of different techniques to try that can lead you feeling a little lost. What’s more, technology and strategies are growing and changing at a rapid pace, meaning there’s always a new kid on the block, and if you don’t adopt him soon, then you’ll get left behind!

I’m getting pretty excited about the future of recruitment marketing and the possibilities of the emerging technologies involved. We need to think long and hard about what things like quantum computing and IoT (internet of things) could potentially mean for our amazing industry.

But, for this particular article, I’m going to look at some of the more current and growing trends in recruitment marketing and how they could relate to you as a recruitment marketer.

Messaging Apps & Bots

One slither of the AI bubble that we’re currently seeing more and more of is these little guys. You’ve probably interacted with a messaging bot a few times by now (perhaps without even realising!). These various apps are becoming a great boon to marketers, especially those savvy enough to utilise them in the staffing industry.

Bots like Mya allow recruiters to engage with candidates, answer candidate queries and quickly and efficiently qualify or screen large numbers of candidates. A win-win for clients, candidates and recruiters. But, we’re also seeing a rise in bots being used as a ‘digital receptionist’ whether that’s directly through your website on a chat window, or through Facebook’s very own messenger app. Setting up a series of commands and prompts is pretty simple and allows clients and candidates to interact with your company at any time of day, meaning that these potential leads are not missed.

If you’re interested in knowing more about recruitment chatbots, we have written an article on the subject with much more information.

Closed Networks

At The Recruitment Network, we’re all too aware of the power predicated through a strong network, which seems to be a growing trend. Smart marketing companies are creating tight-nit closed communities within their niche, either building something bespoke or utilising apps like Slack. These companies are offering a little corner of sanctuary where peer-to-peer and knowledge is shared freely, really capturing something special.

The market is absolutely flooded with articles, guides, videos and advice all giving relatively familiar tips, with everyone and their grandma deploying some kind of content strategy. So, the companies that are able to pull together a group of loyal advocates and interested parties in these closed communities are winning big.

What’s better, 100 interested leads, or 1000 uninterested nobodies?

Recruitment agencies are incredibly lucky to be in a position between candidates and clients. Dealing with a range of experts in their field, whether that is the client company or the individual candidates you’re in the best place to pull these experts together.

Use this to your advantage. It is no good producing content that attracts thousands of readers if they are all uninterested nobodies. Work with the experts you have contacts with to produce content that is inherently valuable to your audience and ultimately generate those 100 interested leads.

Live Video

With every single social media platform taking their stab at Live video and subsequently preferring live content through their algorithms, we are definitely in the golden era of live video, but trust me, it won’t last much longer.

A video, especially a live video for that matter, has the incredible ability to grab people's attention and stop them from idly scrolling their feed. With video being incredibly intimate and personable, it’s an excellent platform for the confident recruitment marketer to enhance their company’s profile, advertise job roles, create value and stand out in a busy market.

Also, a little tip: Couple your live video strategy with a landing page, longer form content and a rigorous retargeting strategy and you’re onto a winner.

Voice Search

“Alexa, are there any new vacancies near me?” – If you’re not getting excited, but also a little worried by that one phrase, then you’re crazy! Voice search is changing everything we know about search, with 30% of searches being conducted by voice by the year 2020, you need to prepare a strategy for this growing trend.

Build an SEO strategy around human phrases. If you haven’t got a strategy focussed around voice lead job searches, then you need to plan yours sharpish!

Passive Consuming

I saved my favourite till last, not a new or fancy one by any means, but one that’s been steadily growing for some time now. Passive consuming is my word for content that you consume while performing another task, let’s say; going to the gym, driving the car, running or walking the dog. Obviously, you can’t read a blog while driving your car, but you can listen to a podcast!

With over 24% (and growing) of UK adults regularly listening to podcasts (that’s 15.7million people by the way) it’s a platform with a vast audience, and that’s not to be sniffed at. What’s even better, is that you have that person's undivided attention, listening to content takes as much brain power as reading a book!

If you’re able to corner your specialisation, interview your clients, candidates and industry experts in your field and use your marketing know-how to get it out to your audience then you are on to a winner.


Trends are great to keep up with, but it’s always important to work within your means and build a solid foundation on which you can improve, adapt and get those true results. A marketers biggest enemy is spreading themselves too thin, which we’re all guilty of sometimes.

Don’t get lost down the marketing rabbit hole, keep your head above ground and if what you’re doing right now is not working, then switch it up and get creative. But, on the other side of the coin, if you’re exceeding expectation and providing inherent value to your audience then hunker down, tweak and improve on what works.

The Recruitment Network prides itself on being an inclusive club which inherently betters the industry and brings the great people which make it up together, so with that, I’d like to offer my email address so that you can contact me with any questions, queries or ideas and I’ll try to get back to help you in any way I can.

Marketing and Design are my two passions in my life, I love seeing my actions directly contribute to the commercial success of my company!

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