Meet the team


Joe Paget

Managing Director
01925 235 748
Joe, an experienced Chartered Accountant, is responsible for Boomerang Funding, along with its sister brand; Boomerang Back Office. Joe’s key focus is on the ongoing development and delivery of Boomerangs propositions that support recruitment agencies, enabling them to focus on growth, whilst we manage the back office.
Darren Harding

Darren Harding

On-boarding Manager
01527 962739
Darren has been part of Boomerang Funding™ since it's concept in 2012 & has been key to our success and growth. Having completed his AAT whilst working at Boomerang Funding™. Darren showed a real apptitude for our operations as well as accounts. Having both these skills puts Darren in a great position to support our customers. He is responsible for the on-boarding of all Customers, Clients, Suppliers and Workers.
karen web

Karen Bourne

Finance Manager
01527 962739
Karen joined Boomerang Funding™ in 2017 having spent 17 years in the accountancy sector. With experience in all aspects of accountancy and accounts management we hope to utilise her skills to bring together and streamline our payroll, credit control and accounts functions in order to continue the growth of Boomerang Funding™.

Rich Berrisford

Business Development - South
Rich joined Boomerang Funding™ in 2018. Rich has recruitment in his blood. He understands everything that is needed for a recruiter to be successful.

Adele Glover

Credit Control
01527 962665
Adele joined Boomerang Funding™ in 2014, having had some five years previous experience in the recruitment industry. Adele then took to furthering her AAT qualification with an accountancy firm where she benefited from managing a wide variety of different businesses and specialist sectors.
Donna Rymill

Donna Rymill

Credit Control
01527 962667
Donna joined Boomerang Funding™ in 2017, with her previous 18 years of experience in the accountancy industry she has brought a wealth of knowledge to our fast paced team. Donna’s experience in building client relationships is already shining through, increasing the customer service that Boomerang Funding™ offer.

Jade Shortt

Credit Control
01527 962738
Jade joined Boomerang Funding™ in 2017 joining from a specialist finance debt recovery company, making Jade an excellent addition to our finance team. Jades previous experience has brought added strength and knowledge to the team. Since joining Jade has built relationships between our clients and customers, furthering the customer service and support that Boomerang Funding™ has to offer.

Arun Kattri

01527 962715
Arun joined Boomerang Funding™ in 2017. His previous experience has brought added strength and knowledge to the team. Arun comes from a Accounting background, which has seen him obtain a degree in Accounting and finance, which has provided him with the skills to assist the accounts team and be the perfect fit for Boomerang Funding ™

Shelley Ledbrook

01527 962180
Shelley joined Boomerang Funding™ in 2018. Shelley has 4 years previous experience in payroll, likes to challenge the status quo for the betterment of the “customer” and is ambitious, keen to pursue her accounting studies. All this bodes well for the future of Boomerang Funding™.

Bella Montes

01527 962713
Bella joined Boomerang Funding™ in 2018 as part of our payroll team. With her wealth of knowledge in account managing, she is an asset to Boomerang Funding™.
Amy Taylor

Amy Taylor

On-Boarding Team Leader
01527 962699
Amy joined Boomerang Funding™ in 2016. Having worked in every area of Boomerang Funding™ she is a highly vauled member of our team and her knowledge is second to none. Currently working in on-boarding however behind the scenes she manages all of our processing software.

Tanya Cox

01527 962718
Tanya joined Boomerang Funding™ in 2017. Tanya has been in the financial services for over 17 years with IFA's, and made the move to recruitment last year, dealing with the onbording of new candidates. She enjoys the daily interaction with candidates, agencies and end clients. Tanya has proved to be a hardworking member of the Boomerang Funding™ team.
Kai Fahy

Kai Fahy

01527 962713
Kai joined Boomerang Funding™ in 2017. Kai has come from sixth form and is currently studying toward his AAT’s. He is looking forward to progressing his chosen career further with the team at Boomerang Funding™

James Baker

Business Support
01527 962180
James joined Boomerang Funding™ in 2017. James is currently working through a three year A-level course that specialises in Computer Forensics and Cyber Security. Along with his IT skills and ability to work well within the Business Support team, James is proving to be a valuable member of Boomerang Funding™.