Pay Attention!

Pay Attention

How often, when you were a child, did a parent or teacher say, “Pay attention!”? At the time, you probably thought nothing of it. To be fair, perhaps they had a point.

Have you noticed since then, that when we don’t pay enough attention, things suffer? It can be very visible in the garden when the plants need watering. It can also have consequences when you don’t pay attention to relationships, whether that be with customers or contacts, and in our personal lives, too.

Sometimes we pretend an uneasy feeling will go away or we simply ignore it altogether, possibly to avoid potential conflict. In fact, it’s like the warning light on your car – ignore it, and eventually, you’ll run out of petrol!

On the other hand, you’ll also have noticed that things improve when you do pay attention to them. This too applies to any area of your life or business.

Which areas of your business do you need to pay attention to?

So take a moment now:

  • Are there areas of your life or business, that aren’t working in the way you’d like? Are there things that you’re uncomfortable about right now? Write them down.
  • What is it precisely that you need to pay attention to?
  • What action are you going to take?

Notice what happens when you do take action.

To quote Georges St-Pierre: “When you pay attention to detail, the big picture will take care of itself.”

Contributor: Ken Kemp, MD, Recruitment Matters International +44 (0)1529 410375

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