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Getting more from your press coverage

Press Coverage

For any recruitment firm that’s actively developed and followed a PR strategy, the rewards are undoubtedly clear. Implementing a sustained press engagement campaign can be hugely valuable in increasing your brand’s profile and even winning new clients – in fact, we’ve worked with businesses who have secured £100,000 contracts as a result of one piece of press coverage.

But when it comes to seeing the results of your efforts, it can be disheartening for some to see their name in metaphorical lights for a fleeting moment, before the news moves on. Investing resources in writing a feature for a renowned trade magazine (which believe me, can take a lot of time) only for it to eventually drop off the publication’s homepage as new content is featured can be frustrating. However, it doesn’t have to be the case that your efforts end after a piece is published.

Here’s how recruiters can utilise the ‘content journey’ and ensure they are getting the most out of their press coverage.

Repurpose the copy

Perhaps the greatest mistake many make when it comes to their coverage is believing that the content is ‘dead’ once it has been used. In fact, it is possible to repurpose your copy across multiple platforms to keep the message alive. A press release, for example, isn’t useless once it has been distributed and covered by your target publications. As the style of this communication is very short and to-the-point, it’s entirely possible to ‘sell in’ a wider feature to media outlets that allow you to expand on the topic and provide more detailed opinions or advice on the subject. This messaging can also be reworked for a blog on your website, again providing the opportunity to expand on the issue at hand.

Feed it into your marketing

Beyond repurposing the copy itself, to truly capitalise on your press coverage you need to be pushing it out to the relevant contacts. Ask yourself what communication you’re sending to clients and candidates and identify where you can seed this content into your marketing. If, for example, you’re sending regular mailers to your database, including any coverage in these will provide multiple benefits. In the first instance, it provides you with a non-sales message to engage your audience (which, let’s face it, is refreshing for many receivers of regular emailers). For any coverage that has been featured on external websites, this also gives you a form of third-party endorsement. By sharing coverage from a trade publication, you’re essentially telling your audience that this leading publication values your expertise.

Utilise your social channels

While much of the purpose of social media channels is to share content, there are a surprising number of recruiters who only use these platforms to advertise jobs. It’s vital that as part of the content cycle you are pushing out any coverage across all of the sites you’re present on and, crucially, encouraging your consultants to like and share as well. As mentioned above, this copy is essentially an advert for your services and a testimonial from a third-party, so sharing it with your connections is a must.

Make the most of print

I’ve often heard the argument that coverage in print magazines is only good for the day it’s published, after that it’s for the recycling bin. However, I whole-heartedly disagree. Despite the rise of the internet, print is not dead. In fact, I often find that it is viewed with more value than online coverage (just look at advertising costs for print compared to online, and you’ll see just how highly people clearly regard physical magazines). Yes, the nature of this coverage means you can’t really share it with your connections, but having the publication itself in your reception, on stands at conferences or even leaving it with a prospective client after a meeting is hugely valuable. After all, emails can be ignored, but an actual magazine on your desk, that’s harder to delete. If you have coverage lined up for a print edition, ensure you get your hands on multiple copies to share with and send to those prospects you’re looking to partner with.

Truly effective press campaigns should never be viewed as a firework – a lot of effort for a quick result before starting again. Instead, it’s something that should be nurtured, developed and maintained. By ensuring you’re getting the most out of your content, you’ll soon see your media presence snowball.

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