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Funding for Rail Recruiters

For over 200 years Rail has been a crucial part of the UK Economy. Today UK Railways and Rail related activites contribute over £36 Billion to UK GDP and creates roles for 600,000 people.  These roles encompass the manufacture of rolling stock, track, electrification, signalling and telecommunication equipment, and consultancy services, as well as maintenance and parts services.

Workers that are placed within the rail sector tend to have longer assignments and due to the skilled nature of the role command higher levels of pay compared to most other employment in the UK.

RISQS Audited

Industry leading rail solution

Our industry leading Rail Solution works through our RISQS UK Accreditation.
No other finance company can offer this solution to recruiters.

Primary and sub-sponsorship

Ability to place workers without handing over any contractual relationships or turnover

Ability for you to pay workers as you wish

No need for expensive RISQS accreditation or health and safety retainers as we look after all of this

Monitoring of working hours to ensure compliance

Maintaining records of PPE issues, D&A testing, medical testing

Giving you the power

Whether you have worked within the rail sector before or not at all, Boomerang Funding™ - Rail give you the power and the process to start your journey.

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