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Recruiting for ‘Culture Fit’; 5 Tips for Attracting Great Candidates

Culture Fit

It’s a term that’s bounded around in recruitment – and often held up as the Holy Grail of successful placements. But what is ‘culture fit’, why does it matter and, most importantly, how do you master it?

What is ‘Culture Fit’?

Recruiting for culture fit means recruiting with an individual’s personality, working style and ethos in mind. It’s actively recruiting a ‘person’ to fit in with your existing employees, rather than just a set of skills and experience. When looking for a good cultural fit, you should be paying attention to the values and work environment you (or your client) wants to cultivate, then asses whether an individual will contribute towards, or detract from it.

Why does it matter?

Your team needs to run like a well-oiled machine, with each part doing its thing and contributing to the success of the business as a whole. This doesn’t mean that every employee should have the same set of attributes; on the contrary, diversity will always breed innovation. But rather, every member of the team should hold the same values and work collectively toward shared goals.

Moreover, the payoff from a culturally consistent team is better staff retention, team cohesion, higher productivity and more engagement from individuals.

So, how do you recruit for Culture Fit?

#1. Include your company culture in the job description

A job description should include everything a candidate needs to know to apply for your role. Alongside the obvious things like responsibilities, experience and salary, include a paragraph on your company’s values and mission statement. This enables candidates, right from the off, to asses their suitability for your organisation.

#2. Is your web presence true to your company culture?

Any candidate worth their salt will click off your job ad and head straight to your website and social profiles. There is no better opportunity for you to display your values and culture. For maximum impact, make sure there is continuity of message and style across these platforms. The right candidate should immediately know that they’re a good fit and will proceed with their application.

#3. Throw some ‘culture curveballs’ into the pre-screen

Your first contact with a potential candidate is the perfect time to ask them about their values and working style. You should be able to get a good sense of an individual’s fit for you and learn a little about them, outside of the skills and experience they can display on paper.

#4. Let your employees be your biggest advocates

Nothing sells the benefits of working for a company, quite like the people who are already there. Looking for new recruits? Ask your current employees to reach out to friends and past colleagues or use their testimonials in your recruitment efforts. Their praise will go further than anything you can fit into your job spec.

#5. Go with your gut

If in doubt, go with your gut. As a recruiter, you’re trained to spot the right person for the role, so follow your instinct and be prepared to take a risk if it feels right. You never know where it may lead!

I hope that’s been helpful. As a growing company ourselves, we know all too well the intricacies of adding new members to a team without losing the core ethos and values you started with. For more from us, please find us on Facebook (The Sales Manager Ltd), LinkedIn (The Sales Manager Ltd) or Twitter (salesacademy_).

See you next time!

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