How to save £££’s on Recruitment Advertising

Recruitment Advertising

One of the biggest costs in your recruitment business is the budget you assign to activities intended to attract candidates. In reality though, how much are you currently spending to access candidates that are already sitting in your CRM?

Think about it – how much money are you wasting by not allowing your database of candidates to work for you? There are some easy tips and tricks you can engage in that will create an inbound flow of candidates that you have already put effort into sourcing, profiling and assessing.

Using email marketing strategies is probably one of the simplest and most accessible ways to achieve this. Sending regular communications that offer value will not only remind your candidates that they have registered with you, it’s also an ideal way to remind them of your expertise.

Ideas of what you could send may include vacancy bulletins – but if your recruitment agency is focused on a specific sector, consider creating newsletters with curated sector news. What I mean by that is a quick write up of articles that should not be missed, with perhaps, a quick summation as to what the contents of the news items communicate. In a world where everyone is time-poor, this could be a high-value email hitting the inbox of your audience like clockwork. So yes, to make this strategy work, you do need to commit.

Email automation is also a fantastic tool for Recruiters to make use of. A series of short emails that are designed to touch base, fact check, engage and educate. These emails ‘drip’ feed your candidates after they initially register with you. The great thing about these is the ability to personalise them, and they can be highly personalised – IF your data is good! For clarity, when I say good data, I mean accurate data. I love email automation, but if your conscious of the fact no one has taken ownership of your CRM and your consultants might be guilty of chucking in details and selecting the first option on the dropdown menus to save time… automation may not be for you.

Don’t abandon traditional methods when it comes to communicating with your database either. To date, one of our most successful and personal marketing activities is in the form of a birthday card sent via snail mail. Totally unbranded – the type of card you buy on the high street on a budget – but written by hand with a personalised message. If you’re working at a volume, you might have a bit of a filtering system so that you are keeping your most valuable temps engaged with you, and maybe sending a Whatsapp or personalised text via your system. Whichever option you choose, it makes people feel valued and will stand out – let’s face it. The post arriving through your letterbox these days tends to be low value and low importance. (Or from HMRC as someone pointed out to me a few weeks ago!)

So – a couple of questions to wrap up this blog…

  1. Ask yourself how many candidate records are sitting on your system right now.
  2. What activities have you implemented to keep those candidates engaging with you?

If your answer to question two is a short list, it’s time to get something in place!

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