10 recruitment blogs to follow In 2019

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As we enter 2019, I wanted to share some recruitment blogs and resources that I think you should follow and subscribe to, to help you through your journey as a recruiter or recruitment supplier in this ever-changing industry. (These blogs are in no particular order)

  1. Firefish Software –
    The first blog is from Firefish Software, our friends from Scotland are amazing market leaders. There’s nothing they can’t do from a sales and marketing point of view, and I’m really proud to be friends with Wendy McDougall the CEO of Firefish. This blog has won numerous awards and is consistently updated with valuable recruitment marketing content.
  2. Recruiting Brainfood –
    The second one I think you should look at is Recruiting Brainfood – Hung Lee is just an absolute legend, his character shines through every week: and his round-up of the best recruitment related news is delivered straight to your inbox. It’s a fantastic way of staying up to date with what’s happening within the industry as well as picking up the latest sourcing tips.
  3. Recruitment Juice –
    Then you’ve got Recruitment Juice – The articles on the blog are educational, and I find them to be quite motivating. If you are a business owner, this is the blog you should get your consultants to keep up to date with.
  4. ITRIS –
    Then you can look at the Itris blog which is ideal for recruitment business owners and Recruitment Managers. The blog has a mix of themes, but it’s always related to running your agency.
  5. The Recruitment Network –
    The Recruitment Network blog is aimed at recruitment business leaders and offers a wealth of information and resources. It is a really good blog for you to subscribe to and read at your leisure with articles focused on the growth of your recruitment business and overall strategy.
  6. TEAM –
    Then we’ve got our friends at TEAM – this is similar to the Boomerang Funding™ blog in that it is a collection of articles from guest writers working within the recruitment industry. TEAM have been around for a very long time, they do a massive amount for the recruitment industry, and their network is second to none. Following the TEAM blog is an absolute must.
  7. Candidate Source –
    Michelle and Amy over at Candidate Source do an absolutely amazing job. They work with recruiters every day showing them how to create the best job adverts, and how to find the best CVs. What these guys don’t know about jobs boards and CV searching – nobody knows. They are absolute legends, and their blog is a massive resource for recruiters and consultants to look at – you’ll find tips, tools, and updates relating to all the job boards. I really can’t recommend this as a resource enough.
  8. APSCo –
    APSCo has been around for a really long time. Their blog is full of information for both recruiters and business owners. You can use their salary surveys to see what other consultants are earning across the UK, so you can make sure that your consultants are paid the correct amount to keep them competitive.
  9. Wave –
    The wave blog is full of articles relating to new technology and new techniques that will help you as a business owner, and also give you some key information for your consultants, this blog is well worth a follow.
  10. ISV Online –
    Amanda and her team at ISV Online do an amazing job – their skill-testing platform is second to none and used by recruiters all around the world. The blog is definitely worth subscribing to, Amanda also Guest blogs for so many other people, so look out for her other articles too.

And finally, of course, the Boomerang Funding blog™ –

We have the best guest bloggers. We have the best content from recruiters and recruitment industry suppliers all across the UK. Our blog is growing all the time, so if you want to follow us, please follow the link and click subscribe, or if you would like to contribute, then please get in touch.

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