Does Recruitment Slow Down in the Summer?

Backdoor Hire

In the summertime, when the weather is hot…does recruitment slow down? 

Does everyone in recruitment slow down over the summer? Well, hiring managers may say “no, we don't- it's recruiters that slow down, they don't put forward enough candidates”…recruiters will say, “hey it's not our fault – candidates just aren't considering a new job in the summer” and candidates will say, “look, we're interested, but recruiters check out in the summertime – they're not consistently available”.

Most industries will have natural cycles of busy and quiet periods; it won't always be possible to fight the tide. If you're working in recruitment and feeling a summertime slow down, maybe this is an opportunity to look at your backdoor hire strategy?

Many recruitment agencies don't have a strategy – they either take it as part and parcel of the industry or tackle backdoor hires/disputed fees as and when they pop up with the help of a lawyer or debt collector.

So instead of just taking it on the chin, how about using the summertime slow down to look at your backdoor hire preventative measures? Such as:

  • Watertight terms of business; covering backdoor hires, contractor re-engagement and third party introductions. Don't assume your terms of business will cover you should a backdoor hire or disputed fee happen, be sure of it!
  • Always sending those watertight terms of business! It's one thing to work on your terms of business, but if you don't actually send them, how effective can they be? Are you confident your staff know the importance of including these in correspondence?
  • If you feel like you're “on it” for preventing backdoor hires, why not do a check to see if any have slipped by unnoticed? We advise you police your introductions/contract finishers – take the time to keep an eye on your candidates, check updated CVs against previous interviews/assignments and be across your industry news for movers and shakers.

There are a lot of measures to have in place to keep on top of backdoor hires, however, like Pokemon, you've “Gotta catch 'em all!”, so consider professional help. Did you know that we offer a ‘detect' service at introPROTECT? It's something we can set up quickly and easily, with the help of a real human combined with cutting edge technology, let us keep an eye on your candidates' whereabouts for you – tracking backdoor hires as and when they happen. 

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