Why you need to be using a Social Calendar to supercharge your social marketing

Social Calendar

Recruitment is becoming a very social affair; you need to be producing high-value, engaging content to enable your brand to stand out in an increasingly busy and noisy market.

I’m going to assume you already know that:

A – You should not be pumping out jobs ads every hour of the day.
B – It’s imperative you provide value to your target audience through your feed.

But, if you’ve ever taken a stab at upping your social media game, then you’ll know it can be a huge drain on your time and in some cases become complicated very quickly.

Whether you’re a marketing executive, business owner or consultant improving their personal brand, you’re going to be stretched for time. As a result, you need to find the best processes for making this as efficient as possible but impactful at the same time.

This Social Calendar (which we use daily) will aid you in getting the biggest impact on your social for the least amount of time.

What is a content calendar and why should you use it?

A content calendar is very self-explanatory. Each week, you fill in a blank calendar template with all the posts and content you want to talk about and specify the dates that you’ll post them. This essentially puts in place some structure for when you come to scheduling.

‘Wow that sounds remarkably simple’ I’m sure you’ve said to yourself. But, whenever I have asked who’s using one in my marketing workshops, I’m lucky if one hand goes up.

It’s always the simple things that we overlook. We at TRN were especially guilty at one time of not structuring our social media. But, since we’ve implemented a calendar, tweaked it and made using it a habit, we’ve seen significant increases in engagement, followers and a decrease in wasted time…win-win!

Below you’ll see an image of our current content calendar. It’s important you tweak, experiment and change the calendar to work best with you.

If you want to grab your free copy, simply sign up to our TRN World 7 day free trial, and it’ll be sitting there on your dashboard to download!

Social Calendar

But, before you begin, I’ve outlined some tips for starting and maintaining a social calendar.

Organise it on a Friday or Monday

We like to do Friday, but sometimes it may work for you first thing on a Monday. It’s a good idea to start filling your calendar at the start or end of the week because this allows you to fill in your latest strategies and reflect on what worked previously.

Use the calendar each morning and schedule

For us, we quickly found that scheduling social media requires a lot of creative/mental thought. Once you’ve scheduled about 4/5 posts, you start to feel fatigued. It’s a big ask to schedule a whole week’s worth of engaging and bespoke posts in one sitting.

So, we use our content calendar each morning to split the posts between us and schedule out the day’s worth of content. We feel fresh and creative in the morning, and I genuinely believe our posts are 10x better than when we forced ourselves to write a week’s worth of content in a day.

We like to align our week’s content with the calendar, so we know what we’re posting

We’ve got a small little section on our calendar where we map out the content that we’re posting that week, whether it’s a blog, ebook, video or survey. This helps us to keep all of our strategies aligned and allows us to post content related to it, keeping everything consistent and on-brand.

Keep an eye on strategies or events, so you’re able to schedule them

If you’re producing marketing and social media strategies or you’re hosting/attending an event, it’s good to add them to the top of your calendar.

Sometimes it gets all too easy to miss something with the vast amount we need to post about, so make sure they’re in the front of mind for your scheduling!

We always keep notes on our page with things we’ve found, which we can add to the next week of content

You may already do something like this, but we always like to add notes and ideas to our calendar as the week goes on. These include interesting things we may have seen across our industry, such as blogs, videos, data or guides. This helps to inspire us for the coming week and gives us a bank of resources to share out.

Make sure you have a mix between value adding and sales content

The beauty of the calendar is you can see everything laid out in front of you with their timeframes. You’re going to quickly spot if you’re posting three jobs in a row (which is a no, no). It gives you a visual way of splitting up your noise between value-adds and promotions.

Experiment with time slots and don’t be afraid to swap things

Experimentation in your marketing is absolutely key, and the social calendar allows you to run a few micro-tests. We’ve experimented with things like the timings of our posts, videos, infographics, what type of content we’ll post on different days and even colour schemes. Keep a little tab on your ongoing data and experiments and see where you can improve.


The social calendar is just one tactic in an overall marketing mix that should be scheduled, organised and strategic. If you take a moment to implement these processes, you’ll find your marketing drastically improves, and you’ll take back some of your much needed time.

It’s easy for marketing to run away from us, so it’s essential we put in place templates, strategies and plans to get it under control.

As I mentioned before, you can access our Social Media Template by signing up to a free 7-day trial of TRN World by clicking the link below.

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