Starting Your Own Business

We fully appreciate just how difficult starting a new business can be with all the red tape and restrictions which come from having very limited or even no trading history. Understanding this, we approached funding new contracting businesses in a totally unique and truly supportive way.

We appreciated that money may be tight and are fully aware that signing up to any complicated financial factoring-type agreements could ultimately leave you tied in to something costly should situations change or things go wrong.

We decided our services should come with no restrictions or hidden costs. We believe that any business should have the freedom to use our services as often or as little as needed and charges should only be against the temporary workers or contractors placed, not against the permanent turnover in the business.

Conveniently our competitors forget to tell you this!

They then slip it in as part of the agreement. Their attractive head-line rates often stipulate the inclusion of all the permanent turnover for the services they offer. So beware the small print and look out for those hidden charges which initially make headline rates appear attractive but in reality include more than they should.

Boomerang Funding™ believe in supporting you and helping your business to grow, so none of our services require personal guarantees or debentures. There are no minimum monthly charges or annual adjustments should you not hit the required turnover and unlike our competitors, we never bounce any bad debts back to you because we take on all the liability and, ultimately, any loss incurred.

We charge on a timesheet-by-timesheet basis. Even our credit checks are free, unlike our competitors, and, believe us, those charges can soon add up.

Talking of charges, look out for those over-limit charges which so conveniently appear when overdue invoices have not been chased up as promised. That is because, with many of our competitors, you are the one who gets charged under the agreement you signed. So we advise you to always check the small print.

So remember Boomerang Funding™ offers you more

With Boomerang Funding™ you are more than welcome to self-fund as many invoices as you desire and we would never stipulate that you can only work with clients whose debts can be protected. We can even cover that costly liability insurance for your temporary workers by employing them and insuring them directly for you. None of our competitors can offer you that.

Boomerang Funding™ offer you solutions that work with no hidden catches or any restrictions, just solutions which support your growth and work for both you and your clients. We take all the problems and risk away from you leaving you to focus on the needs of your business and ultimately sleep peacefully at night.

Simply use us when you need us, not because you have to.

Risk Free Funding

No Debentures

Use us only when you need us

No set up cost

Fast easy set up

No monthly or annual fees

Industry Changing Solutions

No personal guarantees required

No lock in contracts