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Making the right hire – Employee vs independent contractor

Contractors vs Employees

Over the last decade, there has been a substantial increase of as much as 40% in the hire of agency workers and short-term contractors. This can be explained by a variety of factors including the trend towards a gig economy and the increasing need for flexibility for both employers and their staff. Depending on the…

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Benefits & Consequences

Now I know this headline sounds like it could be a good party game, but as this is a blog offering recruitment advice to recruitment professionals, I’d better stick to the script! When speaking to clients and candidates, always have benefits & consequences in mind. As human beings we take action and make decisions based…

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5 Benefits (and 2 Pitfalls) of recruiting apprentices.

As a new or start up recruitment business, hopefully your company will flourish and soon reach the point where it’s time to expand the team. Whilst this can be a really exciting time, it can often be fraught with challenges. Amanda DaviesAmanda is a bright, hard working professional with a hands-on approach and excellent communication…

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