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Cyber Security, not such a dirty word?

Cyber Security

We live in a data-driven world – a fact the Information Commissioners Office is only too aware of. Almost every transaction and official interaction involve sharing personal data. You share data too, every time you visit a website, make a search, buy something, use social media or send an email. We all accept this because…

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What makes you so special?

How to stand out as a Recruitment Agency

Recruitment is having a bit of a boom period at the moment, there are more Agencies than ever before, there were 8,488 agencies registered in 2018 alone, bringing the total amount to just under 40,000 across the UK. And yet, they all claim to be different, unique and the perfect option for any client to…

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Right to Work: protecting your Recruitment Agency

According to current Home Office guidance, if you’re placing temporary staff and remain their employer throughout the contract, you have a legal responsibility to check their Right to Work in the UK. So that means carrying out satisfactory pre-employment screening and confirming that workers are legally entitled to work in the UK. As a diligent…

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