How can I get top shared service talent to join my business?

Shared Service Talent

As a shared service leader, you are judged on your ability to recruit the best talent – and keep it! It can be challenging for hiring managers to monitor and evaluate their recruitment strategy when they are so busy with the process itself. Winning the war on talent isn’t easy, but here are some top tips to help you attract top shared services talent to your business.

1. Job description

It all starts with the JD – don’t simply list a role of responsibilities, take the time to create a job description that is appealing. You will, of course, want to give information on the role and responsibilities, but you also want to communicate company culture and values, include the right keywords, ensure it is easy to read and will stand out from the crowd!

2. Company brand

Did you know that there are more than 860 million websites on the internet? Everything is online nowadays, so your website and social media platforms are the first impressions that most candidates will get of the business – make sure it’s a good one! It will need to look professional and slick, but still have an element of fun and give an insight into the company. Ensure your branding is consistent across your website and all social media platforms – including logo, colour scheme and font. You also need to make sure your voice is consistent across all platforms.

3. Your ‘story’

It is referred to differently from company to company – your story, your slogan, your USP, your pizazz – whatever you call it, it’s important you know what it is, as do your whole team! Keep it in the centre of your company and everything you do. There’s no point communicating a particular message online, only to contradict it further down the line. What makes you different and special is a big differentiating factor when it comes to recruitment – it makes you distinctive and attractive to talent.

4. Measure success

As with anything you do, it’s important to measure success. It’s no different with recruitment, and it’s important you track performance and continue to develop your process. The main areas to analyse when measuring success are:

  • Retention rate
  • Positions filled
  • Ratio of job offers to acceptances
  • Time taken to fill the role
  • Cost of filling the role

5. Use the experts

Engaging a recruitment or search specialist can make your life a lot easier, save you time and ensure you get the right person for the job. Rather than engage multiple agencies – it makes much more sense to work on a retained basis with a single agency who can dedicate all their time to fill the role. You can give them a clear brief and all the relevant information they need, and they can take the hassle out of recruiting for you.

6. Onboarding

Finally, the incredibly important vital step of recruiting – and sometimes the overlooked step – is the onboarding process. It’s so important to have an onboarding process in place, to make sure that new recruits are looked after from the moment they step inside the office building until they are set up and have found their feet. The cost of getting onboarding wrong – and leaving a brand new employee feeling unwanted – can be high!

They are my top tips to help you recruit – and retain – the best talent in shared services. If you would like to discuss further, you can email me at

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