Working with Umbrellas

How can an Umbrella company benefit from a relationship with Boomerang Funding™? The answer is to ask many of the leading names in the market who already know who we are and the risk-free funding that we offer.

Very early on some of the most respected umbrella companies realised how effective our solutions could be in building and maintaining relationships with clients just starting out in the contracting market.

Many leading Umbrellas already work closely with us.

They discovered that, by tapping in to our expertise, with dedicated assistance and support, they can help these fledgling relationships to blossom. Utilising our risk-free funding simply makes life easier all round and our solutions help ensure the relationship is maintained and nurtured, enabling them to sell their products.

Boomerang Funding's™ risk and commitment free approach also provides a way for smaller agencies to break in to the highly lucrative world of contractors and temporary workers. They need the peace of mind our solutions can offer so we can say with certainty that we offer a true partnership for all involved.

We found in our experience that many of the agencies were keen to work within the contracting marketplace and often all they lacked was the financial resources to get under way. Not only do we support the agencies growth but the Umbrella’s also build a partnership with them for the long term.

Through these types of relationships with Umbrella companies Boomerang Funding™ supports an increasingly wide range of agencies, ranging from start-ups through to established niche recruitment companies. Our service means that an Umbrella will continue to work closely with an agency they have introduced through the risk-free funding we offer. As a result of Boomerang Funding's™ involvement the Umbrella companies soon realise they have clients who they can work with and more importantly can support through their growth.

Now in our books that simply benefits everyone.

We believe this demonstrates just how effective our range of products are and just how easily they can support the range of services they offer.