Wish for something good

Wish for something good

If you are going to wish for something then make it something good – because, good or bad, you might just get it.

Richard Bandler is one of the two “inventors” of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). He was once asked by a basketball team to improve their percentage scoring rate on penalty points.

He split the team into three groups and measured them on the number of hoops scored from the penalty position.

He then asked group A to practise for 2 hours a day for a fortnight shooting hoops.

Bandler asked group B to do nothing – not even to pick up a ball for two weeks.

He then asked group C to imagine, to visualise scoring from the penalty spot for 2 hours a day.

When they came back after the fortnight, the results were quite startling (not to Bandler, of course, who is a master of mental thoughts).

Not surprisingly, Group A’s average scoring rate went up. After all, they had practised hard.

Group B didn’t come close to hitting the previous figures. Then again, they hadn’t picked up a basketball for two weeks.

Group C’s results were outrageous. They scored on average 70% better than before. Why? They had spent two weeks visualising SCORING….. They didn’t visualise missing or hitting the ring and dropping the wrong side; therefore their confidence was sky high. It was as simple as that.

Imagine making a good call or imagine a bad call – the outcome is yours.

Contributor: Ken Kemp, MD, Recruitment Matters International

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